Career Opportunities

Albion College students conduct an exercise in a physics lab.

The dual-degree program in engineering (DDPE) provides students foundational skills in science, mathematics, and computer science, as well as substantial experience in applying these skills to solving contemporary problems.

Engineering is a dynamic profession that is constantly striving to stay on the frontier of technological development. Albion DDPE graduates successfully adapt to this need for change; they are able to educate themselves and learn new techniques to stay abreast of their field.

Application examples include the design and realization of water purification systems, automotive/aerospace/marine vehicles, computer circuits/hardware, supply chain networks, and power grids, to name only a few. As such, DDPE graduates have substantial professional opportunities in both the public and private sector, ranging from design engineer to project manager to entrepreneur. Graduates are also well equipped to pursue graduate degrees in engineering, dentistry, medicine, or law.

Success Stories: Read about DDPE graduates Erin Knight, ’05 and Erich Owens, 07