Subeedei Barkhasbadi, '20

Majors: Mathematics with Actuarial Emphasis and Economics & Management
Minor: Psychology
Co-curricular and Extracurricular: I was president and vice president of International Students Union. Member of Investment Club, and Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity. I worked as a resident assistant for a year, student caller/data entry specialist for Institutional Advancement, tutor for the intro computer science class, and tutor for astronomy. I also worked as a math study table tutor and a Smooth Transitions mentor.


  • Summer 2017: Program Manager at Tomujin Academy, an educational nonprofit organization in Mongolia that helps hundreds of students in the Asia Pacific to successfully apply to American colleges.
  • Summer 2018: Summer analyst at the Ministry of Finance of Mongolia. I had the chance to analyze various government loans and bonds, and their interest rates.
  • Summer 2019: Data analyst at StockX, No. 1 ranked, the most successful "unicorn" startup in Detroit. Unicorn is a term used to describe a start-up valued over $1 billion. I had the chance to build a time-series forecasting model from scratch using Python programming language and build a dashboard using Tableau to make the forecasting model available to people in the company. It was an incredible experience to be part of such a success story in Detroit.

Hometown: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Currently, what is your plan for after Albion?

I am planning to return to StockX to make a bigger impact in the company. The company is continuing to grow rapidly, as it's expanding internationally.

What drew you to pursue actuarial science?

Using mathematics to solve real-world problems is such an incredible idea to me, whether it's understanding how my credit card interest works, modeling a population of a country, or helping to optimize profit for a company. Pursuing an actuarial science degree helped me to take a step towards gaining the ability to understand and formulate the world around me mathematically. Understanding just a little bit of mathematics helped me to make more logical and reasonable decisions.

How has Albion prepared you for your next steps in that pursuit?

I received a very strong liberal arts education at Albion College. The process of taking all the classes for my math major helped me to learn to sit down for a long time, grab papers and a pen, and try to solve a problem I had no idea how to even begin. All of the classes I took paved the path for me to learn rigorously on my own in the future. All of the professors I had were always willing to take the time to help me. I talked with my professors not only about class materials but also about many different topics that encouraged me to stay curious and explore further. Only about half of the classes I took at Albion were math and economics courses, so I was able to explore other fascinating fields. Other than academics, I held various jobs from organizing orientation for new international students, organizing various programs for residents in dorms, to tutoring students and fundraising for Albion College on campus that helped me to gain professional experience.

“For me, Albion… ”

…is a second home and an exemplary liberal arts institution that prepared me well to pursue my goals.

Anything you’d like to add?

Professors Darren Mason, Mark Bollman and Paul Anderson from the Math Department, and Professors Daniel Jaqua and Gregory Saltzman from the E&M Department, and Drew Christopher from the Psychology Department took the extra mile to help me grow academically and personally. As you can see from this list, there are so many professors at Albion who are truly willing to help and support students.