Grace Hoffman, '22

Major: Mathematics with Actuarial Emphasis Major
Minor: Computer Science Minor
Co-curriculars and extracurriculars: Honors Program, Pep Band, President of Hillel, Women's Golf Team
Internship: Summer 2021 – Auto-Owners Insurance, Lansing (on site) and remote
Hometown: Flint, MI

Currently, what is your plan for after Albion?

After Albion, I plan on getting a job as an actuary and to pass as many exams as I can.

What drew you to pursue actuarial science?

I've always enjoyed math and both my uncle and aunt are actuaries. I did my day on the job in high school with my aunt and uncle and it really exposed me to the field and I realized that it was something I wanted to pursue.

How has Albion prepared you for your next steps in that pursuit?

Albion has prepared me by offering classes that will help prepare me for the exams, taught by some awesome professors, as well as offering reimbursement for passed exams, which has made me more focused on studying for them.

Could you describe one class in particular that helped you in exam preparation?

Math 388 (Math Theory of Interest) with Dr. Mason has been preparing me for the financial mathematics exam. It's a two-semester prep class that goes over most of the material for the exam. Dr. Mason really pushes us and gives us lot of practice questions, helping me feel more prepared to take the exam in the summer.

Build on the following thought in any way you like: “For me, Albion… ”

…has made me a more rounded student.