Dual-Degree Program in Actuarial Science

To successfully complete the dual-degree program in actuarial science, with the intent to transfer to an approved actuarial science program (e.g. Michigan State University), students must complete the preparatory core coursework requirements listed below. This is in addition to general academic requirements for all Albion College students—consult an adviser or the academic catalog for more information.

Core Coursework (13.5 units)

  • Required Math Courses (7.5 units):

    • Math 141 (Calculus)
    • Math 143 (Calculus II)
    • Math 239 (Discrete Structures)
    • Math 245 (Multivariate Calculus)
    • Math 247 (Differential Equations & Linear Algebra)
    • Math 309 (Mathematical Statistics)
    • Math 331 (Real Analysis) and Math/CS 299 + Math/CS 399 (Colloquium)
  • Elective Math Course (1 unit):

    One from:

    • Math 311 (Regression and Time Series Models)
    • Math 313 (Financial Mathematics for Actuaries)
    • Math 326 (Operations Research)
    • Math 349 (Advanced Linear Algebra)
    • Math 360 (Mathematical Modeling) or Math 370 (Partial Differential Equations)
  • English Course (1 unit):

    • English 101: English Composition
  • Economics & Management Courses (2 units):

    • E&M 101 (Principles of Microeconomics) and E&M 102 (The Economy and Financial Markets)
  • Computer Science Courses (2 units):

    • CS 171 & CS 173 (Introduction to Computer Science I & II)

Important Notes

Advanced Placement: Transfer schools require that students that place into MATH 143 or higher without AP credit are still required to take all math classes on this list for a grade. AP credit by exam will be accepted for the appropriate courses.

GPA Requirements: Students in this program need to maintain at least a 3.0 overall GPA and a 3.0 GPA in math, computer science, and economics.

Questions? Contact Professor Darren E. Mason at , Palenske 224.

Sample Plan of Study

The below plan of study is an example of the classes a dual-degree actuary student at Albion College would take to successfully complete the program in three years prior to transfer. This schedule assumes no advanced placement transfer credit. If such AP credit exists, the below schedule would be more flexible.

Year Fall Semester Spring Semester
(8 units)
  • Math 141: Calculus I
  • Liberal Arts 101: First Year Seminar
  • Economics & Management 101: Microeconomics
  • Textual Analysis Course: (e.g. Intro to Philosophy)
  • Math 143: Calculus II
  • English 101: English Composition
  • Economics & Management 102: Economy & Financial Markets
  • Global Category Course: (e.g. ArtH 115: Art of the Western World)
(8.25 units)
  • Math 245: Multivariate Calculus
  • CS 171: Intro to Computer Science I
  • Scientific Analysis Course: (Analytical Physics I)
  • Ethnicity Category Course: (e.g. Political Economics)
  • Math 239: Discrete Structures
  • Math 247: Differential Equations & Linear Algebra
  • CS 173: Intro to Computer Science II
  • Artistic Analysis Course: (e.g. Drawing)
  • Math/CS 299: Colloquium in Math/CS I
(8.25 units)
  • Math 309: Mathematical Statistics
  • Historical Analysis Course: (Chinese History)
  • Elective #1 (e.g. Spanish 201)
  • Elective #2 (e.g. Financial Management)
  • Math/CS 399: Colloquium in Math/CS II
  • Math Elective: (Mathematics for Actuaries)
  • Math 331: Real Analysis
  • Elective #3 (e.g. Analytical Physics II)
  • Elective #4 (e.g. Financial Accounting)
4 & 5 Study in dedicated actuarial science program at transfer university

Trasfer Process

After successfully completing three years of approved study at Albion College, students in the dual degree program are required to gain admission to an approved actuarial science degree program. As the admissions requirements of these programs vary substantially, students are required to have their school of transfer approved by the DDPAS director. Students who transfer to actuarial programs that have not been approved will not receive an Albion degree.

An example program that is currently approved for transfer by Albion College is at Michigan State University (MSU). For admission to MSU successful students will earn a minimum GPA of 3.0 both overall and in mathematics, computer science, & economics/management prior to transfer. Although meeting these minimum GPA requirements is generally sufficient for admission to MSU, it is not a guarantee. Students are strongly recommended to earn GPAs above this minimum recommended requirement.