Career Opportunities

The Albion College programs in actuarial science provide all students with foundational skills in mathematics, statistics, computer science, and economics. Depending on which academic path is selected, students can have access to multiple levels of undergraduate technical education and exam preparedness in actuarial science. Competitive graduates have substantial professional opportunities in both the public and private sector, ranging from actuary, mathematical and/or statistical analyst, financial analysis & consulting, risk-management services, insurance underwriting, and industrial engineering. Moreover, graduates are also well-equipped to pursues graduate degrees in mathematics, statistics, finance, dentistry, medicine, or law.

Graduates from the 4-year "Albion only" program are quite successful in securing entry-level positions in the actuarial, financial, data science, and consulting industry. Moreover, students who complete the new 5-year DDPAS will gain specialized actuarial science training that is unavailable at undergraduate-only liberal arts institutions. Since approved actuarial science transfer programs will typically require the completion of an industrial internship and provide excellent networking and professional interviewing opportunities unavailable at Albion, successful DDPAS graduates will also dramatically improve their options for early career growth.