Celebrating Successes 1999-2000

We in Albion College's Psychology Department and Neuroscience Concentration congratulate our students on their accomplishments. The students listed below have met significant goals associated with their professional development.

  • Emily Mull: Admitted to the University of Delaware's Ph.D. Program in Social Psychology. (4/10/2000)
  • Kariann VanBurgel: Admitted to the Ed.S. Program in School Psychology at Michigan State University. (3/15/2000)
  • Julia Ogg: Admitted to the American Psychological Association's Summer Science Institute. This is a highly selective 9-day, all-expense paid, intensive program held at the University of California, Berkeley designed to immerse students in the science of psychology. (2/28/2000)
  • Sarah Grill: Admitted to the MSW program at University of Michigan. (1/28/2000)
  • Jocelin Herron: Admitted to the MSW program at University of Michigan. Jocelin is a Sociology major completing a psychology internship. (1/28/2000)
  • Tia Konzer: Thesis accepted for presentation at the National Council on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) conference in Montana in the spring. Tia's thesis examines gender differences in apologies.(1/21/2000)
  • Melanie King: Admitted to the Columbia University School of Nursing. This is Melanie's first choice. [Also admitted to the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing - 2/9/2000] (1/21/2000)
  • Emily Mull: Recipient of a 1999-2000 Psi Chi Undergraduate Research Grant. This national grant will help to support her thesis examining attribution of blame in rape cases. (1/19/2000)
  • Sarah Morin: One of 20 volleyball players nationwide selected to play with a U.S. team in Europe next summer. (Not related to Sarah's professional development, but pretty cool!) (1/18/2000)
  • Kari Hurlbut: Accepted to the Cinncinnati College of Mortuary Science. (1/11/2000)
  • Emily Line: Accepted to the MSW program at the University of Michigan. This is Emily's first choice. (1/10/2000)
  • Sarah Hartley: Accepted to Medical School at Wayne State University. Sarah is one of eight students in the inaugural offering of Neuroscience I; Introduction to Neuroscience. (11/29/1999)