Online Learning Resources

The Basics

Strategies: Time Management, Planning, Procrastination and more.

Searching for information online on how to improve your study habits? There is a lot of information on the web to choose from. We have found some sites that have proved very useful over the years.

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What Is My Learning Style?

Knowing how you learn can provide insights on how best to learn.

Knowing how you learn can provide insights on how best to learn. Every student is unique in how they approach taking in, store in memory and then produce information. By identifying some of the factors that define your style, you can better understand how to approach and master academic materials. Here are two online questionnaires that access very different aspects of learning.

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Active Learning

Cal Newport’s Blog

Cal Newport provides a unique view on academic performance. He challenges us to take control of the learning process rather than letting our academic tasks run our lives. Always humorous, he encourages us to eliminate passive approaches that result in lost time and academic disappointment. Deliberate practice in intense bursts optimizes time spent on academic work – not endless punitive hours of low intensity (boring) work.

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Learning Tools: Software, Tools and Apps

The Learning Support Center Staff continues to use and recommend a number of academic tools. In addition we have previewed a number of apps that can be helpful for college students in academics as well as life style issues.

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