Academic Support Services

Students with disabilities often find the learning support programs of LSC helpful to them in reaching their academic goals. We have listed three such programs that are particularly popular with our students. Students who want to investigate these programs should request an appointment by using our online form or stop by the office at 114 Ferguson.

Learning Skills Academic Coaching, Academic Support

Students with disabilities can benefit from the LSC Learning Skills Coaching program. The Learning Skills staff members will meet with you and construct a plan based on your goals and concerns. Some students elect to meet around particular academic issues such as test taking, reading, and organization of a research paper or managing anxiety. Meetings may be frequent or on an as needed basis. Other students elect to meet with an ASC staff member on a weekly or even biweekly basis for academic coaching, organization and academic planning. This plan is especially useful for first year students who are adapting to college. Please feel free to request an appointment.


The Learning Support Center coordinates the campus wide peer tutoring program. This is a free service for Albion students. Students with disabilities who may have specific needs regarding tutoring should either meet with a LSC staff member or include this information when completing the Request a Tutor form.

Supplemental Advising

When selecting a course schedule for the next semester, it is often useful to discuss your plans with a member of the LSC staff. Since we focus on your learning preferences and strengths, we can help you determine your best options. We are familiar with the content and academic demands of most first and second year classes, we can help you select classes that will be best suited to your interests and abilities. We can also help construct schedules that reflect your needs for time between classes or ones that require a balance of different academic skills such as writing reading and test taking.

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