Where They Are Headed


Rebecca Enerson - I will be attending Veterinary School at Michigan State University

Lauren Young – I will be working as an ABA Behavioral Technician for Gateway Pediatric Therapy for the summer and part time during the school year. Attending Wayne State in the fall for a post bacc year in their SLP Program.

Angela Panzica – I will be working at a Brain and Spinal Surgery Clinic for 3 months, then traveling to Japan to teach English for a year, when I return I will attend Medical School.

Troy Trombley – I will be attending Duke Divinity School for my Masters in Divinity.

Matt Stander – I will be attending Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Andrea Sanchez – I will be living in Queens, New York volunteering with Mercy Volunteer Corp and Catholic Migration Services. I will be assisting refugees and working on a naturalization team assisting permanent residents become citizens. After spending a year or so in Queens I will be going to law school in Michigan.

Maggie Fowler - I’ll be Studying abroad in the fall of 2019; study and sit for the CPA exam after returning; start with PwC (accounting firm) in the fall of 2020.

Taylor Antal - I will be taking a gap year working as a psychology research assistant in a lab. I will be applying to PHD programs in psychology research.

Margaret Alway – I’m considering joining the AmeriCorps Vista) and beginning to study

for the GRE. I do plan on attending graduate school in the near future.

Taylor Anhalt - I will be seeking employment, my plan is to be an editor at a publishing house and then a successful author.


2018 Graduates are headed

Anna Miller - I will be attending Case Western Reserve University in July to begin the umbrella program “Biomedical Science Training Program.” I hope to attain a Ph.D in Genetic and Genomic Sciences

Lauren Kelsey - Seeking immediate employment in a research industry for chemistry before applying to a Ph.D. program for Biochemistry.

McKenna Donahue - Next year, I will be serving as a campus minister (for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship) at Albion. I have attached the announcement letter I am sending out to family and friends sharing about what I am doing next year

Rachael Vitale - I have accepted employment at Wayne State as a research assistant. I will work to pay off all of my debt before continuing on to PT school or to get a PhD in human sexuality.

Katie Murphy - I am going to law school on a full tuition scholarship at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis.

Emily Allison - I will be studying for/take the GRE. I will then apply to grad school (using my Honors thesis as a writing sample!). I will be matriculating into the Class of 2022 at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. I am excited to attend medical school but who knows, maybe I’ll be back for Homecoming

Rachel St. Pierre - I’ll be taking a gap year to take the GRE and apply to graduate school

Suzanne DeSpelder - I am attending UMKC for my MFA in lighting design. I received a full ride and living stipend.

Oana Vesa – I am attending New Mexico State University for their Astronomy Graduate Program to get my Ph.D., I am also starting research during the summer.

Olivia Conover - I will be matriculating into the Class of 2022 at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. I am excited to attend medical school.



Shannon Murphy - Attending University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign graduate school for Chemistry in order to pursue my PhD in Chemistry.

Jamie Bourgoin - I am taking a gap year, but will be looking for employment in a research setting before I pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology

A.J. Mattson - apply for History PhD programs for the Fall of 2018. My research emphasis will be on Great Lakes regional history during the Early American period, with a borderlands studies focus. I am searching for positions in the realm of museums, archives, and historic interpretation during this gap year.

Olivia Alfano - I will be taking a gap year in which I will be presenting my research at APS, attending a meeting of the Vidocq Society upon the invitation of Ed Bujdos, an adjunct professor at Albion, I will be attending a summer program for Crime, Law, and Psychology in Prague, and I will be working as a Youth Specialist in a Juvenile Justice Center. After this, I will attend grad school for a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

Stephanie Thurner - attending the University of Washington School of Aquatic Fisheries in the fall :) I will be a research assistant in the Branch Lab (studying stock assessment).

Kelsey Burns - I will be going on to Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary to pursue a Masters in Divinity. I am also pursuing ordination to be a pastor

Lauren Rasmussen - Dental school at Detroit Mercy

Ciara Cannoy - Attending Wayne State University’s Clinical Psychology PhD program. I will be working in a lab that studies homelessness as well as teaching an intro psych lab class

Elise Anderson - Attending Wayne State’s medical school in the fall

Emily Miller - I’m currently seeking employment in the magazine field. I had an interview with TIME that I expect to hear back from at the end of this week. I’m just applying for jobs like crazy after I decided to take a few years off before I pursue my PhD in English

Kristine Mussell - Attending Doctor of Physical Therapy School in the fall at GVSU

Lauren Stull - Attending Central Michigan University’s College of Medicine

Ashley Tice – I’m continuing my job search for an entry level marketing job in Metro-Detroit. I’ve got an interview on Friday that I’m hopeful about but TBD


Justin Van Blaricom - Seeking immediate employment in the Washington, DC area
in the realm of politics

Peter Geisler - Attending grad school at the University of Chicago for International

Stephanie Norwood – Attending Engineering School

Molly McCrum - Attending Michigan State University to obtain my Bachelors in
Nursing through their accelerated second degree bsn program.
After 14 months I will graduate with my second bachelors and
begin working as a registered nurse. In the future I hope to obtain
my masters and become a nurse practitioner.

Audrey DeGroot - Joining the Peace Corps as a secondary English education
volunteer in Guinea

Megan Sheridan – Pursing a PhD at the Medical University of South Carolina in
Biochemistry research

Brandon Johnson – Attending graduate school for Neuroscience

Mariah Phelps – Working at an Immigration Law Firm and waiting on my Foreign
Service results

Elena Luce - Working with Dow Corning in Bay City as a Tax Analyst

Angela Walczk - Attending Michigan Technological University for my Master’s in
Biological Sciences. She was offered full funding and stipend to go

Sayfia Syed – Attending medical school at MSU, CHM


Sara Sample - After graduation I will be participating in TAPIF (Teaching Assistant Program in France). I will be an English teaching assistant in junior high or high school classrooms in the Orléans-Tours region of France from October through April.

Kayleigh Harvey - I'm going to the University of Maryland to work on a PhD in Metamorphic Petrology/High-temperature Geochemistry

Melissa Woodard - I am going to University of Michigan Dearborn for their Masters in clinical health program.

Elizabeth White - I am attending the University of Chicago for a Master's Degree in International Relations!! :

Bailey Judson - I will be looking for a job in the Washington D.C. area

Tori Malus - I will be working as a Resident Youth Care Worker at Rawhide Boys Ranch. This facility is for boys ages 12-17 who have all been through the court system for various reasons. The facility provides a safe space for rehabilitation and to let the boys finish middle school and high school.

Paxton Mueller - I will be working full time in Data Analytics at Ernest and Young.

Stephanie Sanders - I will be pursuing a PhD in Chemistry at Cornell University

Preston Arquette - I will be working in IT as a Programmer Analyst at Albion College.

Patrick Buck - I will go to Middlebury College in Vermont for their summer Chinese language school: an intensive 8-week foreign language learning program that forces the students to only use the language they are learning. No English is allowed there for the 8 weeks. I did it last year and my Chinese improved immensely. After that is finished in August, I will be moving on to graduate school. I will start a Ph.D. program in History at Michigan State University this fall. I have been accepted there with 5 years of full funding: tuition waved and a teaching assistant job that include a nice stipend. I will be specializing in Chinese History. My ultimate goal is to become a college History professor.

Victoria Sochor - I'm shipping out to Boston, MA to study dentistry at Tufts University. I intend to pursue a unique opportunity that the school presents in offering the option to piggy back a masters in public health with the doctorate in dental medicine (DMD/MPH). Applications for the MPH add-on won't happen until after my 2nd year.

Nick Webster - I'm headed to start a PhD Program in Human and Molecular Genetics at Baylor College of Medicine in the fall.

Katie Strunk - I will be doing an internship at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan in their Actuarial department, and preparing to take the GRE and looking at graduate programs in math.

Kara Bowers - Working for Nature Conservancy on Long Island, I will be a Marine Costal Conservation Steward

Theses for Honors / Major / Minor / Concentration

Honors thesis books in the Observatory.

Deadlines for Thesis Writers for Spring 2022

  • Monday, September 13, 2021 - Thesis Registry forms (both Honors and Departmental) are due to Thesis Coodinator/Honors Assistant Director's Office (Old Observatory, 2nd floor #204)

  • Monday, October 11, 2021 - Create a Time Line with your Thesis Committee - send to Thesis Coordinator

  • Tuesday, February 1, 2022 - 1st Draft is due to Thesis Committee - all members get a copy & Thesis Coordinator

  • Monday, March 21, 2022 - Approval Draft send to Thesis Coordinator and Thesis Committee  **If you miss this deadline you may be ineligible to gradute with Honors

  • Friday, April 1, 2022 - Signature Sheets and 1 Title Page are due by 4:00pm to Thesis Coordinator

  • Thursday, April 7, 2022 - All completed copies of the Thesis are due by 4:00pm to Thesis Coordinator

The thesis is one of the most unique and rigorous elements of the Honors experience. During their sophomore or junior year, Honors students normally enroll in a 1/4-unit Thesis Development seminar designed to help them develop a thesis topic, select an advisor, and begin their preliminary research. Research and writing continue and the thesis is completed during the student's senior year. All research and writing take place under the close supervision of a thesis committee consisting of a thesis advisor and two other faculty readers of the student's choosing.

The Honors thesis provides a unique opportunity for Honors students to develop their capacity for independent research. It also provides excellent preparation for many graduate study programs.

Please also visit the Elkin Isaac Research Symposium and Institutional Review Board.

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