Great Issues in Humanities: Law and Literature

HSP 131     CRN 2635
1:10 –  2:00
Monday, Wednesday & Fridays
Dr. Emmanuel Yewah

Course Description:

This course draws from a wide range of sources including novels, short stories and/or films and theoretical materials to establish the link between law and literature. It also explores such issues as text, legal ideology, storytelling techniques by writers and litigants in a courtroom, marginalization, language, the questions of evidence, etc.  Additionally, it seeks to understand writers' contributions to the indigenous and received traditions in the law through legal narratives that illuminate some aspects of the law or, indeed, raise fundamental questions about those traditions.

Evaluation of the course will be based on attendance, attentive reading of assigned materials prior to class, active participation in class discussions, three critical essays (or the student's own creative work), and a reasonable length term paper.

Office:  105 Vulgamore
Phone: 0314
Office Hours:  Wed., Fri. 10-11