Great Issues in Science: Geology, Environment & Society

HSP 124 w/ Lab
CRN 2639 & Lab CRN 2640
Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 10:10 -11:00am
Tuesdays – Lab  2:10 – 5:00am
Palenske 123

"Civilization exists by geological consent, subject to change without notice." – Will Durant
In this course, we will examine the implications of this quote for society and for the environment, by investigating the role of geology in our lives.  Topics considered include the origin of the mineral resources upon which civilization depends as well as the constraints placed by geologic hazards.  Woven through the entire course will be discussion of the nature of science.

Course objectives:

This is a laboratory course designed for liberal arts students.  The specific course objectives for each student are as follows:

  • to be able to describe the major geological processes that have shaped the earth
  • to learn how geologists investigate the earth – what types of geological evidence
    are commonly collected and studied, and how this evidence is interpreted
  • to be able to frame and test hypotheses
  • to understand how geology affects our lives.