Experience Opportunities

Professors Trisha Franzen and Ruth Schmitter talk about the women's and gender studies program with a student.Drawing on the knowledge and methodologies associated with a number of different disciplines, the Albion women's and gender studies prorgram examines the role of gender through five distinct areas of study: Historical Contexts, Representations, Global Perspectives, Self-Making, and Institutions or Systems of Knowledge. Each area uses cross-cultural or multicultural investigations to understand the dynamics and differences in the operation of gender.

Within specific contexts but also across differences, the program also focuses on the lives of women—on women's past and present active involvement in the making of the world. Students experience this ongoing interplay of theory and practice both in the classroom and in the field, through research as well as through off-campus opportunities, including:

Please contact the Women's and Gender Studies Department for more information about the experiential learning possibilities within our program.