Courtney Meyer, '11

Courtney Meyer, '11Ford Institute alumna Courtney Meyer graduated a B.A. (Honors) in Economics and Management and International Studies in 2011. After completing an M.Sc. (Distinction) in Development Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London, England), she now promotes the work of the nongovernmental organization Helen Keller International on malnutrition and vision issues around the world. She also volunteers hundreds of hours each year to fight hunger and empower youth leaders. "I feel that service is a very real way that many people can make a difference around issues that they are politically concerned about in lieu of or prior to contributing to it from a policy standpoint," Ms. Meyer said.

"Albion was a place for me to develop myself as a leader and an intellectual. I led organizations, hosted events and developed an extensive Honors thesis that formed the backbone fof my Master's dissertation. I received personalized support and mentoring as a student that I am still tappinto into as an alumna, and that type of commitment to helping your students isn't something that you find everywhere." - Courtney Meyer

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