Physics' Zellner Is Always Looking

Nicolle Zellner, associate professor of physics, Albion College

Nicolle Zellner works in her lab.
Nicolle Zellner still remembers those perfect Wisconsin nights when, as a kid, she'd look up to the sky and into the endless darkness full of possibility and uncertainty, and wonder what else was up there.

For Josh Cassada, '95, Homecoming Proves Truly Special

Josh Cassada, '95

Josh Cassada, '95, became part of NASA's astronaut corps in 2015.
"I'm incredibly fortunate," says Albion College physics alumnus Josh Cassada, who returned to Albion for his 20th reunion at 2015 Homecoming and talked about his journey to becoming one of NASA's newest astronauts—both on campus as well as at Albion Community School. "I love doing this. I like explaining and doing something new and novel. I think this is an exciting time to be in NASA."

Astronaut Cassada, '95, Aims to Spread Message of Science's Wonders

Josh Cassada, '95

Josh Cassada, '95
Albion College's own astronaut, Josh Cassada, ‘95, returns to campus this weekend as part of annual Homecoming festivities and to celebrate his class' 20-year reunion. His visit includes an open-to-the-public lecture on Friday, October 16, at 2:15 p.m. in Norris 101/Towsley Auditorium.

Oct. 16 Public Lecture: Astronaut Josh Cassada, '95

Dr. Josh Cassada, '95, who completed two years of training as a NASA astronaut candidate earlier this year and is now a member of NASA's astronaut corps, visits his alma mater during Homecoming weekend. On Friday, October 16, at 2:15 p.m., Cassada will give a public lecture in the Science Complex's Norris Center 101/Towsley Hall. 

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