What you’ll study.

Learn how to function within a French-speaking environment, then prepare for a French-speaking, off-campus program. When you return, you'll focus on the culture, issues, art, and literature of a particular part or era in the French-speaking world. Required courses.

What you’ll do.

Combine French with information technology through Francophone Cultures on the Internet: Fictionalité, Réalité, Hypertextualité. Complete a Senior Seminar and reflect on your competencies. Live in the I-Space, and take it further—plan to study abroad. Experience opportunities.

Where you’ll go.

Explore international careers in French. You'll have the communication skills and the historical context you need to understand contemporary issues. Our course, French for the Professions, focuses solely on preparing you to function in a French-speaking work environment. Potential career paths.

Department News

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  • Marceline Redick, '20, Wins Statewide Award for Study in France

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