Modern Languages and Cultures

What you'll study.

You'll step out of the confines of monolingualism. Take in the history, customs, and ways of life of different groups of people as you master the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing—through an understanding of the way they think and express their ideas and beliefs. Majors and minors.

What you'll do.

Dine weekly with faculty, teaching assistants, native speakers, and other students. Work with native-speaker teaching assistants and advanced language students. Live in the I-Space, share with elementary students, and take your learning abroad. Experience opportunities.

Where you'll go.

There's more demand than ever for effective negotiations between groups as cultural boundaries transcend national borders. Multiple language fluencies help you succeed in any field in a diverse world economy. Potential career paths.

Department News

  • German Professor Perry Myers Receives Fellowship for Research in France

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  • Marceline Redick, '20, Wins Statewide Award for Study in France

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Kristina Jelinek, '05

Project Manager,
Office of Achievement Resources,
New York City Dept. of Education

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