Department Faculty, Students Honored at 2015 Honors Convocation

Beth Lincoln, Wes Dick, and Mauri Ditzler at the 2015 Honors Convocation.

Wes Dick was recognized at Albion College's 2015 Honors Convocation with the United Methodist Church Exemplary Teaching Award. This honor is given annually at each Methodist-affiliated college, to a teacher who recognizes excellence in teaching, civility and concern for students and colleagues, commitment to value-center education, and service to students, the institution and the community.

History department students recognized at the Honors Convocation include:

Patrick Buck, '15, was recognized as one of the top three members of the Class of 2015; he additionally won the Alpha Lambda Delta award for higher GPA among the Class of 2015 and received an Outstanding Honors Thesis Award.

Christopher Herweyer, '17, received the Phillip H. & Shirley Kennedy Battershall Scholarship in History

Shelby Fox-Purrier, David Herron, Andrew Mattson, Macallister Steffenhagen and Mary Vecellio each received a Julian S. Rammelkamp Junior Scholarship in American History

Lauren Dever received the Julian S. Rammelkamp Senior Prize in History

Travis Brady, Cayla Dupuis and Evan Kneisel each received a David Morris Eldridge Pierce Sophomore History Scholarship

Corey Wheeler, '18, and Rachel Zawodny, '18, each received a Michael W. Grice ’63 Memorial Scholarship in History