WCE Evaluation

The essay will be graded according to the content, organization, and technical facility.

  1. Each essay should make a single, dominant statement (usually called the central idea), and that statement should be adequately supported by the effective use of clear-cut substantiation and concrete illustration. It should be a substantial writing sample--at least four or five pages.

  2. The essay should adhere firmly to the subject to achieve unity; the topic idea of each paragraph should be adequately developed, and transitions between paragraphs should be clear and smooth to achieve coherence; and material should be effectively organized to achieve emphasis.

  3. The essay should be clearly and simply written and should follow the practices of standard English usage. It should be free of technical errors, especially those that confuse the meaning; avoid dangling modifiers, faulty pronoun references, faults in parallel construction, and run-on sentences. The essay should be free of errors in spelling.