Kallyn Hieftje-Conley, '16

Kallyn Hieftje-Conley

Major: Psychology, with concentration in Secondary Education; minor in English

Hometown: Originally Grosse Pointe Park, MI.  But as of this summer when my parents' house sold, I now live in Hilton Head island, SC

What makes you want to be a teacher or educator?

I want to be an influence in a student's life. I didn't have many teachers in school that I really connected with, only a couple, but those are the teachers that I remember and I will remember for life I believe. So I want to be that teacher and that impact in someone's life.

What do you love about being in Albion's Shurmur Center?

I love the immediate hands-on experience we receive in the classes. In the first education class you take at Albion, you are already in a classroom observing a teacher and learning about the teaching career. Also, the professors and staff in the education department are all really amazing, and truly want the students in the program to succeed as teachers.

How do you think this experience will help you in your career goals?

It will help me tremendously! The experiences I've had have really helped me become the kind of teacher I want to be. The people I've worked with at the college, and at cooperating schools in the community, have really shown me what it means to be an effective teacher, and really be the best educator I can be.

What do you love about Albion College?

I love the community we have here on campus. When looking at colleges, I knew I wanted a small school. When I walked onto Albion's campus, I just knew. I knew that this is the place I wanted to start my path. There are always people who are willing to help and support you in whatever you want to do. That's just want Albion does. It's like a family!