Chemistry Majors - Class of 1998

Class of '98

What we are doing now

Roman Bloch M.D., University of Rochester; resident, Univ. of Pittsburgh Med. Center
Andrea Bologna Univ. of Michigan; chemical engineering (3/2 program)
Heather Bullen Ph.D. (Chemistry), Michigan State Univ.; Assistant Professor, Northern Kentucky Univ.
Kristofer Dosh Michigan State Univ.; medical school
Elise Georgi Univ. of Michigan; medical school
Amanda K. Gilman M.S.(Chemistry), Univ. of Wisconsin; Cardinal Stritch Univ., Teacher Certification Program
Jennifer (Jacobs) Farrugia MS, Chemical Engineering, Michigan State; emissions testing engineer, Ford Motor Company; Michigan State, Ph.D. candidate
Shawn (LaCasse) Mehrens M.S., Chemistry Michigan State Univ.; Pfizer Global, research chemist
J. Ryan McKeachie Ph.D. (Chemistry), Univ. of California, Irvine
Gregory L. Ozga Michigan State Univ./Detroit; law school
Tanya L. Page Mount Sinai School of Medicine (NY, NY), employed at Outside In
Jaime L. Petrus Michigan State Univ.; medical school
Wade D. Schwendemann M.D., Medical College of Ohio; resident, Univ. of Kentucky
Wendy S. VanScyoc Ph.D. (Biochemistry), Univ. of Iowa; postdoctoral researcher, AstraZeneca (UK)
Sarah E. Walbridge M.S., Forensic Science, Mich. State Univ.; microscopist, Microtrace