Chemistry Majors - Class of 2002

What we are doing now

Amit Amin Wayne State post baccalaureate - plans to attend medical school
Mark Ams PhD, Chemistry, Univ. of Pittsburgh; Postdoctoral Fellow, The Scripps Research Institute
Amanda Boye University of Heidelberg, Germany
Keven Clawson Teaching English and Science in Costa Rica
Todd Erfourth vet medicine, MSU
Paul Garabelli Wake Forest Medical School
Leah Kohler MSU Medical School
Josh Konzer Washington University at St. Louis, Chemical Engineering
Jennifer Kuebler U. of Maryland, Chemistry
Bryce Marquis M.S., Chemistry, Carnegie Mellon Univ.; PhD., Chemistry, Univ. of Minnesota; Research Associate, NIST
Valerie McCarthy Ph.D., Chemistry, Univ. of Pittsburgh; Research Chemist, BASF
Jason Mussman Wayne State Medical School
Maxim Nikodin Licensed Paramedic, plans to attend Medical School
Kristi Reithel Physician Assistants Program
Elise (Schultz) Sikma Research Scientist, Cabot Micorelectronics; PhD., Chemistry, Northwestern U.
Chad Thoreson quality control chemist for Perrigo