Chemistry Majors - Class of 2003

Class of '03

What we are doing now

Salina Baldwin D.O., Michigan State Univeristy COM, resident (Ob/Gyn), Henry Ford Health System
Alexander Carroll accomplished movie star, Hollywood, CA
Eric D'Andrea
Liz (Duvall) Schmidt chemical waste professional, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Donna Eng M.D., University of Michigan, fellow (pediatric endocrinology), C.S. Mott Children's Hospital, Ann Arbor
Justin Grannell D.O., Pikeville College School of Osteopathic Medicine, resident (family medicine), Fort Wayne Medical Education Program
David Hall M.D., Wayne State University, resident (emergency medicine), St. John Hospital and Medical Center
Melanie Heying Ph.D. (organic chemistry), Iowa State University, lecturer (chemistry), California Polytechnic State University (San Luis Obispo)
Dan Holland graduate school (chemical physics), California Institute of Technology
Crystal (Ingison) Keso M.S. (chemistry), Univeristy of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Development Technologist in Mayo Clinical Trial Services, Center for Biomarker Research
Amanda Kent Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine -- Erie, PA
Anthony Kulick Doing chemistry in the Ann Arbor area, working for Dendritic Nanotechnologies Inc.
Brooke Larch Finishing major at Albion - job waiting
Jackson Lanphear M.D., Wayne State University, fellow (pediatric emergency medicine), Children's Hospital of Michigan (Detroit)
Rose-Anne Meissner Ph.D., (genetics, molecular biology, nueroscience), Northwestern University, research associate, Texas A&M Health Science Center
Josh (Menig) Taylor
Jessica Mosier M.D., University of Toledo, resident (psychiatry), Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Diana Pappas M.S., Wayne State University, D.O., Michigan State University COM, resident (orthopedic surgery), POH Regional Medical Center
Kristen Prevost M.D., Wayne State University
Rebecca Reichle Lab assistant for undergraduate teaching labs at Florida State in Tallahassee (also getting a tan)
Rachel Schoneman Looking for a job near home
Brad Stish M.S. (immunology), University of Minnesota, M.D., Univeristy of Minnesota, resident (radiation oncology), Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education
Jennifer Tobin M.S. (nuclear engineering), University of New Mexico, health physicist, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Eric Tosh M.D., Wayne State University, resident (emergency medicine), Detroit Medical Center
Laurie Vance M.D., Wayne State University, resident (diagnostic radiology), Henry Ford Health System