Art and Art History

What you’ll study.

We develop both the artist and the art historian. We teach you the foundations of art and art history then challenge you to create new ideas and approaches. You will produce art in well-equipped studios and study original artwork from the 15th century to the present from our collection. We also offer classes for non-majors. Majors and minors.

What you’ll do.

Participate in internships. Work in a museum or a gallery. Or spend a semester working alongside a professional artist in a studio. The New York Arts Program offers a range of internships tailored to your interests. You can also study around the world through our study-abroad programs. Art and art history internship opportunities.

Where you’ll go.

Our graduates know how to think and that's a skill you can take anywhere. You'll be confident in both critical and creative thought, not to mention technical knowledge and skills. Add that to Albion's broad-based approach to problem solving, and you're set for success. Potential career paths.

Department News

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  • Rebecca Wagener, '21, Brings Context to Recent Gift of South American Artifacts

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Rudy Aronoff, '10

Operations Administrator,
Appraisal/art consulting firm
Roberta Kramer & Associates

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