Request Accommodations

  1. Fill out the request for accommodations form giving the full name of faculty members you want to receive notification of your approved accommodations.
  2. Following receipt of the application, an accommodation letter will be sent by email to you and each faculty member.
  3. Accommodations: The accommodation letter will list all classroom accommodations which have been approved for you. If you feel you need additional classroom accommodations, you need to request a meeting with Director of Accessibility Services.
  4. Faculty: Meet with all faculty members who have received the accommodation letter within a week of receipt of the letter. Discuss which accommodations listed you will require for the class and the best way for these accommodations to be carried out.
  5. Proctored Exams: If you and your faculty member determine that the Cutler Center will need to proctor your exams, you need to complete the exam proctoring request form. You will need to do this a week before your first exam.
  6. Notetakers: if you wish to request Notetakers in one or more classes please complete the request a notetaker form.

Form for Requesting Accommodations

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