Laurel Draudt to Become Director of Gerstacker Institute

Laurel Draudt


Failure and success live on different sides of the same coin and Laurel Draudt, who on July 1 will become the new director of Albion College's Carl A. Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management, believes it’s best to show students that in many cases, one side needs the other.

Witkowski, '17, Finds New Neighborhoods in Rome and at Home

Elizabeth Witkowski, '17

Elizabeth Witkowski, '17
"Ancient Rome has always captivated me, and I got to walk by and/or explore the ruins and history of that period every day," says Elizabeth Witkowski, '17, of her fall semester off campus. "I also loved the weather there; moving back to Michigan is tough."

Fales, '06, Has a Business That Fits to a Tee

Josh Fales, Albion '06

Josh Fales, Albion Class '06
He sold his first order of apparel, Josh Fales recalls with a grin, as a junior at Albion College in April 2005. 
“I think I sold them for five dollars a pop,” he said. And for Fales what started as a hobby soon turned into something he could turn into a career. Today, Fales is founder and president of CreateMyTee, an online retailer that specializes in custom designed T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants and various other apparel.

Internship Sees Kneisel, '17, Play Key Role in Detroit Thanksgiving Parade

Evan Kneisel, '17
"When you say you work for the Parade Company to someone who lives in Detroit, expect a handshake and a long conversation," says Evan Kneisel, '17, who as a fall-semester intern performed a wide variety of important tasks related to sponsorships for Detroit's annual Thanksgiving Day parade. "People are really interested and are grateful for what we do."


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