Roush Internship Puts Amber Myers, '13, on Fast Track

by Amber Myers, '13

Myers with Roush Fenway Racing 3M driver Greg Biffle.
Myers with Roush Fenway Racing 3M driver Greg Biffle.

It’s the roar of a supercharged performance engine, the hum of innovative Cleantech propane-fueled trucks, the sound of Carl Edwards’ NASCAR pit, and the pride I feel knowing that I am working for Michigan-born company Roush …

When I tell people that I am interning for Roush Enterprises this summer, I typically get the response “Do you get to drive the Mustangs?” Though I would like to say that my internship is driving Roush Stage 3 performance Mustangs around, instead I get to say that I am working as a legal and marketing Intern in one of the most innovative and driven work environments I have ever experienced.

Since 1976, Roush has been a leading supplier of automotive engineering and manufacturing in Michigan and nationwide. From its beginnings in supercharging engines, to its current presence in a variety of markets, Roush is looking to serve and solve engineering, prototyping, fabrication and manufacturing needs. I am continuously surprised to discover the variety of markets this company serves: performance cars, amusement park rides, propane service vehicles, a NASCAR partnership, and so much more. It honestly feels like the possibilities of this company are endless. And luckily for me, they are.

As an economics and management major with concentrations in the Carl A. Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management and Law, Justice, and Society program, I had a unique need in an internship. Thanks to an alumni connection, Roush is a perfect place to fulfill the demands of both programs. As a marketing intern, I am creating sales flyers, analyzing marketing data, rebuilding the company’s online presence and organizing events such as the Michigan International Speedway races. As the legal intern, I am learning the legal context of a corporation, assisting in resolution dispute, and drafting contracts. By working for both departments, I am able to use things learned in classes and develop the knowledge I need to prepare for law school next year. Most importantly, I’m fine-tuning the direction of my career path.

As the summer progresses, I’ll continue my contracting work for the legal department as well as my research projects for the marketing department. More exciting still, I will be concentrating on the August Michigan International Speedway. Needless to say, I am going to be staying busy this summer, and I am more than excited to do so!

Focused, Driven, Committed; it’s my summer at Roush.