Mallory Brown, '08

Albion College and Gerstacker Institute alumna Mallory Brown, '08

Majored in Economics and Management, French

Originally from Farmington Hills, Mich.

Now living in Farmington Hills, Mich.

Current employer: World Clothes Line LLC

Title: Founder and CEO

What is your role and/or responsibilities?
I founded World Clothes Line, an online clothing retail store with a philanthropic mission: to clothe the world. We match every item purchased with a new item for someone in need. I travel to impoverished areas around the world to personally deliver new clothes to those who need them most. You buy. We give. Together, we clothe the world.

What was most valuable about your Gerstacker experience?
Gerstacker provided me with the skills to take on every aspect of business. As founder and sole owner of a new company, I must understand and manage all moving parts. From marketing to economics to accounting to internships, the wide range of Gerstacker courses and experiences prepared me for such a challenge.

How did you feel about career outlook upon graduating from Albion? How did Gerstacker prepare you?
Upon my graduation, I did not have a set career goal or path. However, I knew my interests and talents and was confident that I would discover my calling in life. This led me down the path of entrepreneurship and, eventually, to creating a unique company that fulfills me completely. The incredible preparation from Gerstacker gave me the flexibility in my career to take chances, try new things, and take advantage of new opportunities.

What did you enjoy most during your time as a student in the Gerstacker Institute?
I truly cherish the relationships that I built through Gerstacker. Through classes and summer school, I became close with other students, which led to long-lasting contacts in the business world. I have actually created a partnership with fellow Gerstacker alums Josh Fales and Nick Shelton. Their company,, provides the merchandise for World Clothes Line.

Do you have any advice for prospective students interested in business and management?
Be open-minded. Listen to speakers. Ask questions. Take classes in different subjects. Majoring in business opens a lot of doors and presents opportunities to work in a variety of different fields. Try them all. You may be surprised what you are interested in.

Anything else you'd like to add?
Io Triumphe!