D.J. Mocini, '08

Albion College and Gerstacker Institute alumnus D.J. Mocini, '08

Majored in Economics and Management with a Gerstacker concentration

Originally from Saugatuck, Mich.

Now living in Midland, Mich.

Current employer: Northwood University

Title: Assistant Men's Basketball Coach

What is your role and/or responsibilities?
Responsibilities include player development, recruiting, opponent scouting, practice and game film breakdown, player academic advising, and equipment/gear management.

What was most valuable about your Gerstacker experience?
Gerstacker provides a learning experience that prepares students to be future business leaders. In any career, the most successful people are the ones who are able to get a group of people from varying backgrounds to work together towards a common goal that each cannot attain individually. The Gerstacker Institute provides that type of direction and education for its students.

How did you feel about career outlook upon graduating from Albion? How did Gerstacker prepare you?
The Gerstacker Institute and Albion College gave me a lot of confidence in pursuing a coaching career in college basketball. Coach Turner, Coach May, and all of the professors guided and challenged me to think critically, which has prepared me for my professional life. The liberal arts education prepares students to actively use their knowledge to serve and lead the communities around them.

What did you enjoy most during your time as a student in the Gerstacker Institute?
The internships were a huge selling point for me. They provide hands-on experience that you cannot gain in the classroom. Summer school provides a chance to get to know many other Gerstacker students.

Do you have any advice for prospective students interested in business and management?
Network, ask questions, and keep in touch with people in your field of interest. Have questions for them. They will be able to provide valuable insight, and after building a relationship they often can help you get an internship or a job.