Information for Employers

Exposure to businesses and their daily practices is a key element in the development of our students' professional skills. We constantly seek new experiences for our students. Employers can provide these opportunities through internships, short term projects, speaking engagements on campus and group visits to business locations. If you would like to receive more information on becoming a member of the Gerstacker network, please send an email to .

Ways to Reach Our Students

Interview on Campus

Recruiting for internships and permanent hiring takes place year round.

  • For Gerstacker Institute business students, please contact .
  • For all Albion College Economics and Management students, post your recruiting events on the Albion College Career and Internship Center website.

Host an Intern

Internships are full time positions which last an entire semester. Juniors complete internships during the Fall or Spring semester. Students complete a second internship the summer before their senior year.

Mentor student clubs and organizations.

Students interested in your industry or the functional area of your position can be easily targeted though our many student clubs, such as The Investment Club, The Accounting Society, and the Albion College chapter of the American Marketing Association.

Employer Resources for Internships

Internship Guidelines for Employers (pdf)

Job Criteria for Internships

  • Provide interns with meaningful work, much like an entry level or new hire position.
  • Students should work approximately 150 – 300 hours over the course of the semester/internship and may work more than 300 hours during the summer.
  • Internships for academic credit require roughly 2 1/2 hours of the employer’s time, over the course of the internship, for planning and student evaluations.
  • The Fair Labor Standards Act requires "for-profit" employers to pay employees for their work. To help determine whether interns and students working for "for-profit" employers are entitled to minimum wages and overtime pay see the FLSA Fact Sheet #71.

Posting Internship Opportunities

  • Albion College utilizes Handshake to post internship and employment opportunities.
  • Employers may post jobs directly on Handshake.
  • The Career and Internship Center staff can assist with postings, simply send information via email to or via fax to 517/629-0578.
  • Below are the timelines for enrolling or hiring students for internships. It also shows when students complete internships in line with the academic calendar.

Internship Timeline

Internship Enrollment Timeline

Evaluating Interns

We provide a convenient PDF information form as well as two easy-to-use, electronic forms for employers' evaluation of interns.

Employers can complete the PDF information form electronically onscreen. After completion, save the form to your computer and email it to .

The links to the forms are below.