Other Internships

What are your aspirations? Would you like to work in marketing? The arts? Medicine? Business? Journalism? Not sure? The staff of the Ford Institute will work with you, one-on-one, and find an internship that matches your interests. The opportunities are endless!

Sara Jongeward at the Detroit Free Press. Spotlight: Sara Jongeward, ’14

A recipient of the Joe Stroud Internship in Public Policy and Journalism, Sara spent the summer of 2012 as an editorial intern for the Detroit Free Press. She wrote a number of editorials that were published in the Sunday edition of the paper and assisted in candidate endorsement interviews for a variety of offices. This internship was a perfect way to combine Sara's interest in creative writing with her passion for public service.

Other Offices

  • Michigan Retailers Association
  • Target Corporation
  • Bohm Theatre
  • Real Big Marketing
  • Sparrow Health Services
  • CBS News
  • Michigan International Speedway
  • Kellogg Company
  • Canterbury on the Lake
  • Reader's Digest