Students in the Environmental Sciences, Environmental Studies, and Sustainability Studies programs complete internships. These provide opportunities for students to gain work experience as part of their academic programs. Internships have been as varied as the career opportunities in environmental fields. Some recent internships include:


Deanna, biology major, spotted own population surveysSpotted Owl Population Surveys

Deanna, Biology Major

Location: U.S. National Park Service, Crater Lake, Oregon

Deanna was part of a team of field biologists who hiked the back country of the park to monitor the population of this endangered species.



European Union Parliament

Eric, Political Science Major

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Eric was an intern in the office of a M.E.P. from Spain. His work included researching chemical regulations, mitigation banking for wildlife reserves, groundwater issues and water transfer issues.



Shark Behavior Research

Derik and Amy, Biology Majors

Location: Florida Keys

Amy and Derik assisted Albion College Biology Professor Jeff Carrier in his studies of shark mating behavior.


LEED Certification Interns

Sam and Ryan, Political Science and Biology Majors

Location: Albion, Michigan

Sam and Ryan worked for the Christman Company, general contractors for the College's new science complex. Their job consisted of documenting the project's compliance with environmentally sound practices.



Nature Center Intern

Nancy, Biology Major

Educational Programs Abroad (EPA) in London: an internship program where students take a couple of classes at the NYU campus and do an internship. Environmental agencies are a possibility: EPA in Brussels where students take a couple of classes at Vesalius College and have an internship with a Member of Parliament at the European Union.