California is also a Pacific rim state, with miles of Pacific coast waters and ports that serviced world class fisheries for Tuna, sardines and salmon. The best known is probably the sardine industry chronicled in John Steinbeck's Cannery Row.

We started this part of the trip in Santa Cruz at the National Marine Fisheries Lab. Here we heard an excellent presentation on the types of research done at the lab. Most interesting was to science done with the specific goal of informing the commission that regulates the fisheries.











We had a great day to visit this city, and spent the afternoon as tourists, enjoying one of our last days in California.

Our last day was spent at the Monterey Aquarium. We were fortunate to visit on the day that they had invited representatives from numerous organizations concerned with ocean conservation to present. There were so many people to talk with, and perspectives to hear that it was hard to find time to look at the fish!

Added bonuses to our visit to Monterey were some good dining on (sustainably harvested) seafood and a look at "Docs" actual, still standing having outlasted the canneries of cannery row by many years.

We had time for a quick peek at the fabulous scenery of the Big Sur, one last game of sack on the beach, then it was back to camp, pack up, and fly home.