GLCA Global Crossroads Funding

The GLCA and the Global Liberal Arts Alliance (GLAA) offer several internationalization funding options through the Mellon-funded Global Crossroads Initiative. 

Funding facilitated through GLCA.  Grant proposals are submitted directly to GLCA.  Prior to submitting a proposal to GLCA, submit this pdfExternal Grant Approval Form to Anne-Marie Berk in Albion College's Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations.  Albion College's international liaison to the GLCA/ GLAA is Dr. Midori Yoshii.  

  1. Global Course Connections (link) – Portions of two courses offered on two or more Alliance campuses in different countries are connected via technology. A requirement is that students across the courses work collaboratively to explore course topics.  Courses looking for a Global Course Connections match can be found here.    
  2. Themed Courses (link) – The focus is on collaborative development of shared course materials, typically resulting in one or more course modules that are used in the courses offered by the collaborating faculty members. 
  3. Global Learning Courses (link) – Global Learning is different from Global Course Connections in three respects:  Developing cultural competence must be an assessable outcome of all Global Learning courses; Global Learning courses must have at least two thirds of their syllabi in common; and at least one of the schools in each connection MUST be a GLCA school.
  4. New Directions in Global Scholarship (link) – This program supports GLCA faculty members wishing to develop a new area of scholarly expertise that extends the global reach of current research or teaching. Recipients must seek out collaborators from Alliance institutions with expertise in the subject. 

Funding facilitated through Albion College.  Proposals for funding through Albion's Sustainable Communities: Albion and Abroad grant are submitted directly to Albion College using the Albion College GCII proposal form (link).  Questions may be directed to Albion's GCII Project Director Dr. Abigail Cahill or its PI Ms. Cristen Casey.  

  1. Sustainable Communities: Albion and Abroad.  The Albion College GCII award focuses on forging sustainable global collaborations with GLAA partner institutions.  Projects with an emphasis on international program development, embedded and cross-cultural team courses, development of student and faculty exchanges, and promotion of research collaborations will be prioritized.   

Effective proposals will address the following elements, and will be reviewed on a rolling basis. 

    • Description of how the project will have an impact on Albion College’s internationalization goals, and specific connection to a GLAA institution. Include names/ contact information of faculty at partner schools.  
    • Summary of project goals, objectives, timelines and proposed outcomes.  
    • Proposed project budget and request for grant funds that focus on faculty collaboration needs.  Note: Requests for student travel, one-time projects, are not allowed.

The International Collaboration Technology Quick Guide is available for those considering using technology to connect with international partner institutions.