Smooth Transitions Mentor Program

Smooth Transitions mentors on move-in day at Albion College

Why be part of the mentoring program?

"[The] Support, love, care, and advice from people whom I respect and will keep in my life forever."
-C. J., Class of 2012, former mentee and mentor

The Smooth Transitions Mentor Program provides academic and social support to foster student growth and adjustment to Albion College and the surrounding community. Interested first-year under-represented students from different racial/ethnic backgrounds are matched with an upper-class student. Student mentors meet weekly with their mentees, conduct study sessions, and encourage students' involvement on campus.

Albion College is committed to the development of a diverse and pluralistic living and learning community. In direct support of this College-wide aim, the Office of Intercultural Affairs works in cooperation with the campus and greater community to heighten awareness of and create an appreciation for diversity. The office coordinates and promotes cultural and educational programs. The office actively assists students with their transition into and retention at the College.

  • One-on-One mentoring ratio
  • Social support
  • Time management skills
  • Off-campus bowling
  • Meals with faculty, staff and community friends
  • Involvement with campus clubs and activities
  • Inside tips about campus
  • Late night study breaks
  • Career workshop
  • Academic and staff resources
  • Opportunities to attend student conferences
  • Leadership development
  • Build friendships
  • Diversity advocacy and support

For more information:

Office of Intercultural Affairs
Albion College
KC Box 4672
611 E. Porter St.
Albion, MI 49224

1000 E. Porter St. #203