Register for Student Employment

What are the steps needed to be hired as a student employee?

In order for a student to be eligible for employment, he or she must have been offered and accepted a position. Once you've accepted a job offer, the student must register with the student employment office. This entails completion of required paperwork and for students seeking general employment opportunities, submission of the Student Employment General Help online application.

If a student has worked on campus during the academic year - registration for employment is not needed each year.

Can I register for student employment online?

No. To complete the student employment registration, you must be on-campus, as one component of this process must be done in person with a member of the Student Employment/Human Resources staff. The Human Resources office is located at 611 E. Porter St. 2nd Floor of Ferguson Hall, located within the Business Office Suite

You can print off the required paperwork and complete the employee portion of those forms. Please note, three of those forms are tax withholding forms. If you are unsure of how many exemptions to claim, please consult with your parents or a tax advisor because we will not be able to tell you. What we will tell you is if you leave it blank, we will follow IRS guidance and withhold the greatest amount of tax (single with no exemptions).

What do I need to have with me when I register in person?

When you register in person at the Human Resources Office you should bring your completed W-4 forms. This includes a Federal W-4, a State of Michigan W-4 and a City of Albion W-4. You may wish to speak with whoever does your taxes in order to best determine how much you would expect to owe and how much you would therefore want to have withheld from your paychecks. Please use your permanent address when completing all tax forms.

You will also need to bring your ACCEPTABLE DOCUMENT(S) for the completion of the I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification form. The U.S. government has strict requirements about the acceptability of documents for establishing work eligibility that vary with each person's circumstance. For U.S. citizens, the most common documentation provided is either a U.S. passport or the combination of a driver's license and a social security card. These must be the original document or a certified copy, photocopies are not acceptable. Please use your permanent address when completing your I-9 form.

What do I do after I am registered?

You must first get a job before you can register for employment. After you get registered, please show your supervisor your Student Employment Registration Card that is given to you by a HR Staff Member.  This will provide your supervisor with the information needed to get you added to the Online Time Clock System.

The College has over 700 students on its payroll during the academic year. Some offices/department hire only 1 or 2 students while others hire over 30. You are encouraged to view the job posting list often but also do not hesitate to follow your interests and ask offices/department if they are hiring. Below is a list of some of the many possible jobs held by student employees:

Desk Worker Dow Center Worker Games Management
General Dining
Grounds Assistant
Lab Assistant
Library Aide Life Guard Office Assistant
Teaching Assistant Theatre Assistant Tour Guide
Tutor Wait Staff Writing Consultant