Student FAQs

 pdfStudentEmploymentHandbook.pdfis available online.

Q. When do I register to be a student employee?

A:   You do not register for employment until you have been offered AND accepted a position.

Q. How do I register to be a student employee

A: Please see our Register for Student Employment page for details.

 Q: How do I find a job on campus?

A: You may check  the Student Employment job postings on this web site.

 Q: I don't have Federal Work Study - can I still work on campus?

A: Yes. There are employment opportunities for positions with no financial aid eligibility, as well as recipients of Federal Work Study Awards.

 Q: What paperwork do I need to complete when I am hired?

A: Student employees must complete tax forms (W-4 Withholding Allowance Certificates) Direct Deposit form and proof of work eligibility (I-9) before beginning work as an Albion College Student Employee.  Please go to the forms page for more information.

 Q: How do I keep track of the hours I have worked?

A: All hourly campus positions use Web Time Entry (WTE) in ACIS for clocking in and out of a job. You must have a valid Banner ID (student number) and PIN to use the Web Time Entry (WTE). This will ensure that you are the only person (other than your supervisor) that has access to your timesheet.  Your supervisor will provide a brief training on the system when you are first hired. It is your responsibility to verify and submit your time entry by the specified date each pay period so that your supervisor can approve your time and send to payroll in a timely fashion.

 Q: When will I receive my paycheck?

A: In an effort to have a paperless payroll, students are expected to set up direct deposit with a financial institution of their choice.  In the event that a student does not yet have a banking relationship we can provide a list of local banks and credit unions.  If a student has not yet set up direct deposit paychecks will be issued.  Paystubs are viewable via ACIS and paychecks are delivered to your Kellogg Center post office box at 10:30 on the pay dates listed on this web site.  Please note that the final paychecks of the academic year are mailed to your home mailing address, unless you provide a self addressed envelope to the Human Resources office prior to leaving campus.

Q: Am I eligible for employer health insurance in my student role?

A: No, you are not eligible for employer-sponsored coverage.  You may be eligible for coverage under your parent's health care plan or you can purhcase insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace. For more information about the Marketplace, please read the pdfNew Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage.