Job and Internship Searching During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As you transition to your post-graduation or summer reality during these unprecedented times, we, at Albion College remain committed to your success. Graduating students can of course continue to use the services that you have come to expect. Current students, this is a perfect time to develop connections and skills for career success.

What to Expect

The pandemic likely shifted your career plans. Some employers have put their full-time and internship hiring on hold. However, there are still organizations that are hiring. This time also presents opportunities to learn new skills and network with employers and alumni in preparation for when hiring freezes are lifted and positions, again, come open. Make sure to be flexible. This shift in your plans will require you to be open to different career ideas than what you had initially planned to do. This is just a shift in the process and you will gain new skills and insight about yourself as you move forward.


Make sure to continue using the resources provided to you by Albion College. The services that you have come to expect, still exist and are available to you.

  • BigInterview - Practice your online interviews. There has never been a time that it is more important for you to be able to display your online interviewing skills! This is an excellent resource for you to learn about interviewing, resume writing, cover letters. 

Job Searching

  • Approximately 50 new opportunities are posted every day in HandShake. These are full-time, part-time, temporary, internship, etc.
  • Log in to your HandShake account, perform a job search, then save your search. This will set the system up to email you weekly updates on your search.

Virtual Opportunities

  • Make sure to search for remote opportunites in HandShake. Go here to see the Remote Internships posted in HandShake. Once you search, consider saving this search so that you will receive weekly notifications of openings.
  • Search for Remote Opportunities posted only by the Albion Career and Internship Center Here. These are more limited in number but are posted from our local contacts
  • InternFromHome posts opportunities of lots of new, forward-thinking companies who are creating virtual internships for qualified college students.

Short-Term Projects

  • Think about the beneft of short-term (likely 10-40 hour) opportunities or projects that provide a service for professionals while you gain experience.
  • Contact the Career and Internship Center to discuss these opportunities and to connect you with alumni with availability. If you are a member of an Institute, please contact your advisor to submit your name for consideration.
  • See for temporary opportunities that help you gain experience while providing valuable services for employers and professionals.

Learning Opportunities

  • Washington Semester Summer Internship Program - Remote
  • Try for virtual work experience programs mimic entry-level work done at our partners. Once enrolled, students are given a hypothetical set of tasks that an employee would expect to complete on a given work day.
  • LinkedIn Learning is a platform to help you set weekly learning goals and develop new skills. This is a perfect time to be learning at home to be more productive and marketable. There is a small monthly fee to access LinkedIn Learning. As of May 2020, the fee was listed at $29.99/month.

Networking Opportunities

Networking during this time is more imporant than ever. 80% of people get their job through who they know. There is not reason to expect that this will change. Networking will likely be even more important during this time of reduced hiring. 

  • Use the Briton Network to have guided discussions with alumni that have volunteered to assist students.
  • LinkedIn is a vast resource of possible connections. A comon search for students is going to Albion College, then to Alumni to search for like-minded connections.