The goal of Albion College's Department of Theatre is to provide the College community with examples of the best theatre and dance from our cultural heritage and from contemporary life. We value the effectiveness of theatre and dance to explore issues of human consequence and to offer to the student, as performer, designer, technician and audience, the opportunity for self-affirmation and self-actualization. The curriculum, therefore, balances a sequence of literature and history courses with the traditional theatre process courses in performance and production as well as dance technique and choreography. Students develop simultaneously their analytical and research skills with their imaginative and creative skills. In the classroom, in the laboratory and in performance, students acquire the knowledge and experiences essential to becoming a gifted theatre artist and an informed audience member.

Participation in theatre and dance productions is open to all students enrolled at the College. Our productions have, on-stage and back-stage, a diverse mix of collaborators from all disciplines. Theatre majors are expected to complement their course work with active participation in the department's programs. Four major theatre productions, two student productions and one dance performance yearly provide the opportunity to gain a thorough knowledge of all facets of theatre production. Majors are expected to participate in all assessment objectives as outlined by the department.

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