Program Requirements

In the "Academic at Albion" section of this catalog, the College’s core curriculum is described. Part II of this curriculum requires that all students take a course that will introduce them to each of the following five Modes of Inquiry:

  1. Textual Analysis
  2. Artistic Creation and Analysis
  3. Scientific Analysis
  4. Modeling and Analysis
  5. Historical and Cultural Analysis

Since each Honors course fulfills a Modes of Inquiry requirement of the College’s core curriculum, Honors students can satisfy as many as four of this five-course requirement with Honors classes. Additionally, Honors students can satisfy part of the College’s distribution requirement (one fine arts course, two humanities courses, two science courses and two social science courses) by taking Honors seminars.

Students take four Honors courses, one from each of the four divisions of the College.

All courses to meet the Honors core must be taken for a numerical grade.

To guide Honors students in their selection of Great Issues courses, the following numbering system is used:

HSP 12xH—Natural Science & Mathematics HSP 1x1H—Textual Analysis
HSP 13xH—Humanities HSP 1x2H—Artistic Creation and Analysis
HSP 15xH—Social Sciences HSP 1x3H—Scientific Analysis
HSP 17xH—Fine Arts HSP 1x4H—Modeling and Analysis
HSP 1x5H—Historical and Cultural Analysis

For example, HSP 154H would be a Great Issues in Social Science seminar that satisfies the Modeling and Analysis Mode.