Environmental Courses

101 Fundamentals of Environmental Studies (1)
A theoretical and practical introduction to the interdisciplinary field of environmental studies. Cultivates both a broad understanding of ecological principles and the creative capacity to imagine and enact individual and social change that takes those principles into account. Christiansen, White.

102 Introduction to the Environment (1)
Explores the interconnected web of earth's natural systems including the atmosphere, biological communities, oceans and continents, as well as humankind's interactions with and dependence on them. Major topics include global climate and problems of global warming and desertification; resources and problems of world hunger and population growth; and pollution and problems of ecosystem destruction. Staff.

187, 188, 189 Selected Topics (1/4, 1/2, 1)
An examination of subjects or areas not included in other courses. Staff.

201 Ecology and Environmental Field Trip (1/2)
Prerequisites: Membership in the Center for Sustainability of the Environment and permission of the instructor.
Demonstrates, in seminars and a one-two week field trip to a selected region of the United States, how ecosystems have been shaped by the interplay of biological, geological and human history and are thus both adapted to, and susceptible to changes in, modern landscape, climate and human practices. Examines environmental issues of both local and national significance related to these ecosystems. Staff.

206 Sustainable Living Seminar (1/2)
Residents of the College's E-house and other students explore, through practice, the relationship between their daily actions and the earth's ecosystems. Several models of sustainability are discussed, and students are asked to articulate the view they believe appropriate for their own lives. Students cooperatively develop a significant improvement in the house or its grounds and monitor the environmental footprint of their actions. Note that residence in the E-House is not available in 2015-16. Staff.

220 Economics, Politics, and Environmental Policy (1)
Examines decisions affecting environmental quality made by government, businesses and individuals; economic analysis relevant to such decisions; the policy-making process; and dispute resolution techniques that may be useful in conflicts over environmental issues. Focuses on current national and local environmental policies, with comparisons to practices in other countries. Saltzman.

287, 288, 289 Selected Topics (1/4, 1/2, 1)
An examination of subjects or areas not included in other courses. Staff.

387, 388, 389 Selected Topics (1/4, 1/2, 1)
An examination of subjects or areas not included in other courses. Staff.

391, 392 Internship (1/2, 1)
Offered on a credit/no credit basis. Staff.

401, 402 Seminar (1/2, 1)
Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing or permission of instructor.

411, 412 Directed Study (1/2, 1)