The dual-degree program in engineering (DDPE) gives the student the best of two worlds—liberal arts and engineering. Today’s engineers must be well-grounded in basic science and mathematics, have a broad range of knowledge as well as the skills to acquire new information, and think critically and communicate effectively. Engineering is a dynamic profession that is constantly striving to stay on the frontier of technological development. To adapt to this need for change, engineers must be able to educate themselves and learn new techniques to stay abreast of their field. They must also demonstrate exemplary professionalism and the ability to work in interdisciplinary and collaborative environments, be alert to the implications of their work, and be concerned about the effects of science and technology upon the larger world. Mindful of these goals, the dual-degree program in engineering at Albion College prepares students well for success in this dynamic and challenging profession.

Under the dual-degree program, a student spends three or more years at Albion and receives a strong background in the basic sciences and mathematics that underlie all engineering while gaining this knowledge in the context of the liberal arts tradition. Upon admission and transfer to an approved engineering school (listed below), the student then completes his/her engineering education. This engineering course work typically takes an additional two to two and one-half years, depending upon the number of advanced courses the student has taken at Albion and on the engineering discipline. After successful completion of eight units at the engineering school that have been approved for transfer back to Albion by the Engineering Advisory Committee (EAC), the student is then eligible to receive a B.A. degree from Albion. The student also receives a B.S. degree in engineering from the transfer institution upon successful completion of the relevant program’s graduation requirements.

Students must be admitted to the dual-degree program in engineering. Go to the dual-degree program in engineering website for application information. Additional program information is available from the director.