Communication focuses on how people use messages to generate meaning within and across all kinds of contexts, cultures, channels, and media. It is intertwined with virtually every aspect of our lives and plays an integral role in everything from the development of our personal identities to the processes involved with changing our societies.

Our mission is to provide students with an understanding of communication that will help them fulfill the liberal arts mission of developing critical thinking and transferable skills in order to become educated and ethical members of a global society. Specifically, we provide a curriculum that will:

  • help students understand the importance of communication in a variety of contexts;
  • help students understand major theories in communication studies;
  • help students understand the research process;
  • help students gain competency in presentation skills;
  • prepare students for graduate study in communication studies and/or professional endeavors;
  • prepare students with the communication skills necessary to create and maintain healthy relationships and communities.

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