Cheryl Blackwell, information literacy/reference librarian.
B.S., 1980, Wayne State University; M.I.L.S., 1987, University of Michigan. Appointed 1987.

Claudia C. Diaz, library co-director.
B.A., 1976, College of William and Mary; A.M.L.S., 1984, University of Michigan. Appointed 1984.

Nicole H. Smeltekop, archivist.
B.A., 2005, Michigan State University; M.L.I.S., Wayne State University, 2006. Appointed 2010.

Megan M. Kudzia, web services and emerging technologies librarian.
B.A., 2008, Kalamazoo College; M.S.L.I.S., 2009, Wayne State University. Appointed 2011.

Alice Wiley Moore, library instruction/reference librarian.
B.A., 1973, Albion College; M.I.L.S., 1988, University of Michigan. Appointed 1974.

Michael A. Van Houten, library co-director.
B.S., 1975, Central Michigan University; A.M.L.S., 1978, University of Michigan. Appointed 1980.