International Studies Courses

130 Introduction to International Studies (1)
Introduces concepts of international studies with historical examples. Students are required to observe and analyze developments within a certain region, area, country or organization throughout the semester. Yoshii.

260 An International History of the Cold War (1)
Interprets the Cold War from international perspectives through analyzing the roles of proxy wars in Asia and the anti-colonial movement of the Third World, which defies the conventional analytical framework of the U.S.-Soviet conflicts. Includes study of the official documents of various governments (in English translation) and analyses of the contemporary media coverage and film analysis. Same as History 260. Yoshii.

264 An International History of Modern Japan (1)
Surveys the history of Japan from the seventeenth to the twenty-first century, with special emphasis on how cultural, military, political, and economic interactions with other countries have influenced Japan’s national policies and cultural identity over time. Topics range from historical relations with China and Korea, the influence of seventeenth century “Dutch learning,” U.S., European, and Russian imperialism in the nineteenth century, Japanese expansion into Asia during the early twentieth century, U.S.-Japan relations during and after World War II, and immigration and population in the twenty-first century. Same as History 264. Yoshii.

300 Power and Culture in the Asia-Pacific Region (1)
Introduces the diversity and development of the Asia-Pacific region that includes countries with traditions of Confucianism, Marxist-Leninist ideology, Western liberalism and Islam. Begins with a historical survey of the political, economic and social development of the region, followed by students' discussions of the prospect of the Asia-Pacific region growing into something similar to the European Community. Special attention is paid to the role of the U.S., an Asia-Pacific country, in this region. Yoshii.

370 Building on International and Intercultural Experiences (1)
Designed for students (including international students at Albion College) who wish to integrate their experiences studying, working or living abroad with a deepened analytical understanding of international and intercultural issues. Students familiarize themselves with the most current scholarship on international studies. Through independent research, they advance their understanding of a particular international issue of their choice and hone their abilities to articulate this issue to an audience. Yoshii.

Special Studies

187, 188, 189 Selected Topics (1/4, 1/2, 1)
An examination of subjects or areas not included in other studies. Staff.

287, 288, 289 Selected Topics (1/4, 1/2, 1)
An examination of subjects or areas not included in other courses. May be taken more than once for credit. Staff.

387, 388, 389 Selected Topics (1/4, 1/2, 1)
An examination of subjects or areas not included in other courses. Staff.

391, 392 Internship (1/2, 1)
Offered on a credit/no credit basis. Staff.

401, 402 Seminar (1/2, 1)
Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing or permission of instructor.

411, 412 Directed Study (1/2, 1)