Neuroscience Courses

241 Neuroscience I: Brain Structure and Function (1)
Prerequisite: Psychology 101 or permission of instructor.
An introduction to brain structure and function. Emphasis on the way the nervous system is organized to process information, construct representation of the world and generate adaptive behavior. Lecture, discussion, dissection. Same as Psychology 241. Jechura, Keyes, Schmitter, Wilson.

242 Neuroscience II: Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience (1)
Prerequisites: Neuroscience 241 and Biology 195, or permission of instructor.
An introduction to neuroscience with emphasis at the cellular and molecular levels. Covers structure and function of neurons and glial cells, electrical and chemical synapses, neurotransmitters, aspects of vision, axon guidance and outgrowth, energy metabolism in the brain, and the hormones and brain regions that affect eating activity and behavior. Schmitter.

391, 392 Internship (1/2, 1)
Offered on a credit/no credit basis. Staff.

401, 402 Seminar (1/2, 1)
Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing or permission of instructor.

411, 412 Directed Study (1/2, 1)