Modern Languages and Cultures Courses

Modern Languages and Cultures

105 Intercultural Understanding and Global Issues (1)
Explores theoretical models of how cultures are derived and what it means to interact across cultural boundaries. Applies these theoretical models to selected global issues in order to demonstrate the potentialities and hazards of negotiation of global issues across borders. Useful for preprofessional students who want to attain the skills and knowledge to effectively function in an international/intercultural context. Taught in English. Myers.

107 "Our Americas": Crossing Borders, Cultures and Histories (1)
Serves as a conceptual foundation for the TransAmerican Latino Studies track. An introduction to the cultural dynamics between North and South America, focusing on the interconnectedness of the Western Hemisphere in terms of space, cultures and histories. Taught in English. Pérez Abreu.

110 Language-Learning Residency and Participation in Programs (1/4)
Includes residency in language-learning housing for one semester and active participation in weekly programs in the student’s respective living area as well as in cultural events. Staff.

345 Methods of Teaching Modern Languages and Cultures (1)
Explores the role and purpose of the American educational system as it relates to foreign language teaching; teaches active learning strategies grounded in proficiency-oriented language instruction; allows students to begin to realize their potential as foreign language teachers. Staff.

411, 412 Directed Study (1/2, 1)
Prerequisite: Permission of department chair. Staff.