These lists are current as of June 30, 2010.

Office of the President

Donna M. Randall, president; B.A., 1974, Drake University; M.B.A., 1984, M.A., 1979, Ph.D., 1982, Washington State University.

Jeanne M. Bachus, executive secretary to the president; B.S., 1982, Eastern Michigan University.

Office of Academic Affairs

Susan P. Conner, provost and professor of history; B.A., 1969, Armstrong State College; M.A., 1974; Ph.D., 1977, Florida State University.

Delores A. Duff, administrative assistant to the provost; B.A., 2009, Albion College.

Karen K. Dobbins, receptionist; B.A., 1974, Albion College.

Erik A. Achenbach, associate registrar; B.A., 1992, M.A. 2001, Western Michigan University.

Cheryl M. Blackwell, bibliographic instruction/reference librarian; B.S., 1980, Wayne State University; M.I.L.S., 1987, University of Michigan.

David B. Carey, chemical hygiene officer, Chemistry Department; B.S., 1980, Western Michigan University.

Gina L. Cornacchia, coordinator, Carl A. Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management; B.A., 1990, Western Michigan University.

Guy M. Cox, director, Ferguson Center for Technology-Aided Learning and Teaching; B.A., 1978, University of California, Santa Cruz; M.A., 1984, Ph.D. candidate, University of California, Berkeley.

Charlene J. Crandell, interim director, Carl A. Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management; B.S., 1983, University of Michigan.

Claudia A. Diaz, co-director of libraries; B.A., 1976, College of William and Mary; A.M.L.S., 1984, University of Michigan.

Marikay Dobbins, coordinator, Institute for Premedical Professions and Health Sciences; Diploma in Nursing, 1985, Blodgett Memorial Medical Center.

Andrew M. Dunham, associate dean for academic affairs and registrar; B.A., 1986, San Jose State University; M.M.E., 1990, Ph.D., 2000, University of Northern Colorado.

Mae Ola Dunklin, director, Fritz Shurmur Center for Teacher Development; B.S., 1970, Grambling State University; M.A., 1975, Western Michigan University.

Nicole H. Garrett, college archivist; B.A., 2005, Michigan State University.

Michelle R. Gerry, systems librarian; B.A., 1991, Grand Valley State University; M.S.I., 2006, University of Michigan.

Shelly E. Goodman, coordinator, Academic Skills Center; A.S., 1997, Kellogg Community College; B.A., 1999, Siena Heights University.

David J. Green, director, Whitehouse Nature Center; B.A., 1989, Bluffton University.

Robert D. Harris, technician, Geological Sciences and Physics Departments; B.S., 1971, Michigan State University; M.S., 1972, Michigan Technological University.

Kurt C. Hellman, technician, Biology Department; B.S., 1988, University of Michigan; M.S., 1991, Eastern Michigan University.

Scott A. Hendrix, director, Academic Skills Center, and director of writing; B.A., 1983, Oregon State University; M.F.A., 1987, University of Oregon; Ph.D., 1999, University of Kansas.

Karen S. Hoaglin, coordinator, Fritz Shurmur Center for Teacher Development; B.A., 1993, Hope College; M.A., 1997, Western Michigan University.

Mary O. Jones, director of career development; B.A., 2000, Goucher College; M.Ed., 2002, Columbia University; Ph.D., 2007, Capella University.

Renee M. Kreger, coordinator, Prentiss M. Brown Honors Program.

Eric D. Lange, associate director, Carl A. Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management; B.A., 1970, Albion College; M.B.A., 1974, Michigan State University.

Lisa B. Lewis, associate provost and professor of chemistry; B.S., 1989, Kings College; M.S., 1992, University of Pittsburgh; Ph.D., 1994, University of California, Irvine.

Rebecca M. Markovich, library circulation services coordinator; B.A., 1998, Spring Arbor University.

Karla R. McCavit, director, Quantitative Skills Center; B.S., 1993, Adrian College; M.S., 1995, Michigan State University.

Marion F. Meilaender, library serials coordinator; B.A., 1975, Northwestern University; M.A., 1977, Ph.D., 1979, Princeton University.

Alice W. Moore, document access librarian; B.A., 1973, Albion College; M.I.L.S., 1988, University of Michigan.

Jason M. Moritz, education certification officer; B.A., 1992, Northwestern University; M.A., 1998, University of Iowa; M.L.I.S., 2002, University of California, Los Angeles.

Debra L. Peterson, director, Center for International Education; B.A. 1974, Juniata College; M.P.S. 1990, Cornell University; Ph.D. 2003, Michigan State University.

Alfred M. Pheley, director, Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service and Institute for Premedical Professions and Health Sciences; B.A., 1982, Indiana University; M.S., 1984, North Dakota State University; Ph.D., 1990, University of Minnesota.

Pamela M. Schwartz, assistant director, Academic Skills Center, and director, Learning Support Center; B.A., 1970, University of Michigan; M.S., 1972, Purdue University; Ph.D., 1978, University of Michigan.

Bobbie J. Van Eck, assistant registrar; B.S., 1978, Albion College; M.A., 1988, Western Michigan University.

Michael A. VanHouten, co-director of libraries and head of public services; B.S., 1975, Central Michigan University; A.M.L.S., 1978, University of Michigan.

Starr E. Weaver, coordinator, Foundation for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity; A.S., 1990, Lansing Community College; A.S., 1998, Washtenaw Community College; B.A., 2002, Eastern Michigan University.

Douglas White, associate director, Center for Sustainability and the Environment; B.S., 1976, Pennsylvania State University; M.S., 1978, University of Tennessee; Ph.D., 1989 Rutgers University.

Barry L. Wolf, learning support specialist and psychologist, Academic Skills Center and Counseling Center; B.A., 1998, University of Michigan; M.A., 2001, Psy.D., 2005, Georgia School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University.

Athletic Department

Steven Allison, head women's track coach; B.A., 2002, Spring Arbor University.

Dustin A. Beurer, assistant football coach; B.A., 2005, Albion College; M.A., 2007, Morehead State University.

Gerald K. Block, associate athletic director, men's soccer coach and director, Dow Recreation and Wellness Center; B.A., 1995, DePauw University; M.E., 2000, Springfield College.

Doreen A. Carden, head women's basketball coach; B.S., 1995, Oakland University.

Scott J. Carden, head baseball coach and equipment manager; B.A., 1998, Bowling Green State University.

Jacob N. DeCola, head men's lacrosse coach; B.F.A., 1995, University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth; M.F.A., 1998, University of Utah.

David G. Egnatuk, assistant men's track coach; A.B., 1971, Albion College; M.S., 1974, University of Southern California; M.S., 1978, Eastern Michigan University.

Christina M. Finch, head softball coach; B.A., 2008, Madonna University.

D. Scott Frew, Sr., head men's and women's tennis coach and director, Ungrodt Tennis Center; B.B.A., B.S., 1977, M.A., 1999, Western Michigan University.

Keith B. Havens, head men's and women's swimming coach and director, Dean Aquatic Center; B.S., 1976, M.A., 1979, College of William and Mary.

Sara A. Koski, head athletic trainer; B.A., 2001, Oregon State University; M.A., 2004, Western Michigan University.

Jody R. May, head men's basketball coach; B.A., 1993, Ohio Northern University; M.A., 1995, Bowling Green State University.

Carol P. Moss, lecturer, assistant athletic trainer; B.S., 1981, Ohio State University; M.A., 1982, Kent State University. Appointed 2000.

Gregory W. Polnasek, director of men's athletics, compliance coordinator and assistant football coach; B.A., 1979, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; M.A., 1980, Ohio State University; M.Ed., 1981, Bowling Green State University.

Jordan M. Rich, head men's golf coach; B.A., 2003, Albion College.

Lisa R. Roschek, director of women's athletics and head women's soccer coach; B.A., 1997, Kalamazoo College; M.A., 2001, Western Michigan University.

Craig S. Rundle, head football coach; B.A., 1974, Albion College; M.A., 1977, Central Michigan University.

Jaclyn M. Rutkowski, head women's lacrosse coach; B.S., 2007, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; M.S., 2009, The Ohio University.

Hayden R. Smith, head men's and women's cross country coach; B.A., 1970, Albion College; M.S., 1971, San Diego State University.

Melissa A. Walton, associate athletic director of internal operations, head volleyball coach; B.A., 1996, Olivet College; M.A., 1998, Central Michigan University.

Kurt M. Westendorp, head women's golf coach; B.A., 2004, M.A., 2006, Valparaiso University.

Office of Enrollment

M. Doug Kellar, vice president for enrollment management; B.S., 1986, Muskingum College; M.B.A., 2006, Western Michigan University.

Carol A. Ramon, administrative assistant for the Admission Office.

Kevin K. Kropf, director of admission; B.S., 1993, Kenyon College; M.A., 1995, Baldwin Wallace College.

Lewis A. Cardenas, associate director of international student recruitment; B.A., 2002, Albion College; M.S., 2007, DePaul University.

Nicholas J. Clements, assistant director of admission; B.A., 2006, Albion College.

Lance C. Coleman, senior associate director of admission, head men's track and field coach; B.A., 1991, Albion College.

Michelle M. Coscia, assistant director of admission; B.A., 2007, Albion College.

Amanda M. Dubiel, associate director of admission and financial aid; B.S., 1995, Western Michigan University.

Randi C. Heathman, senior assistant director of admission; B.A., 2003, Albion College.

Nickolai S. Kanagawa, assistant director of admission; B.A., 2004, Albion College.

Dorothy S. Lerew, assistant director of admission; B.A., 2002, Albion College.

Kurtis R. McMahan, assistant director of admission; B.A., 2008, Albion College.

John M. Nickless, assistant director of financial aid; B.B.A., 1993, Andrews University.

Victoria G. Snyder, assistant director of admission and multicultural recruitment; B.A., 1989, Albion College.

Susan L. Stuewer, regional recruiter; B.A., 1970, Albion College.

Marsha B. Whitehouse, associate director for campus visit programs; B.A., 1970, Albion College.

Ann A. Whitmer, director of financial aid; B.A., 1986, M.S., 1992, Michigan State University.

Lars P. Zabel, senior associate director of financial aid; B.A., 1977, Albion College.

Office of Finance and Administration

Michael L. Frandsen, vice president for finance and administration; B.S., 1983, M.B.A., 1990, Pennsylvania State University; Ph.D., 2003, University of Texas, Austin.

Kurt M. Ashley, director of systems and networking; B.B.A., 2003, Cleary University.

Eric W. Beadle, director of technical services; B.S., 1987, DeVry Institute of Technology.

Robin R. Brubaker, associate instructional technologist.

Susan L. Clark, purchasing manager.

Prudie K. DeWaters, office manager.

Timothy J. DeWitt, business manager; B.S., 1981, Central Michigan University

Mark C. Frever, director of grounds; B.A., 1991, Michigan State University.

Dawn M. Green, student payroll and human resources assistant.

Judy L. Greer, payroll supervisor.

George Halkett, director, Nancy G. Held Equestrian Center.

Rebecca S. Heyden, assistant controller; A.A., 1991, Jackson Community College; B.B.A.,1999,Western Michigan University.

Mark S. Holbrook, controller; B.A., 1986, Michigan State University; C.P.A.

Diana L. Hopkins, senior programmer/analyst; A.A., 1981, Kellogg Community College.

Ralph H. Houghton, senior instructional technologist; A.A., 1987, Community College of the Air Force; B.S., 1973, University of Tampa; M.S.C.I.S., 1986, Boston University.

Carolyn Killewald, office manager, Nancy G. Held Equestrian Center; B.A., 2004, Albion College.

Kenneth E. Kolmodin, associate vice president for facilities operations; B.S.I.E., 1970, University of Michigan.

Melinda A. Kraft, director of instructional technology; B.A., 2009, Spring Arbor University.

Mitchell R. Kyser, network administrator.

Kirk D. Lang, shift supervisor, dining and hospitality services.

Catherine G. Leavitt, administrative assistant to the vice president for finance and administration and Business Office; A.S., 1981, Fisher College.

Pamela A. Levay, network administrator; B.S., 1987, Indiana Institute of Technology.

Lisa A. Locke, director of human resources; B.S., 1988, Aquinas College; M.A., 1991, Central Michigan University.

Ryan O. Maes, systems administrator.

Shahid S. Malik, technical administrator; A.A.S., 2007, Washtenaw Community College.

Jodi A. Maske, assistant director, dining and hospitality services; B.S., 1989, Ferris State University.

Donald E. Masternak, managing director of facilities operations; B.S., 1980, University of Michigan.

William D. McCoy, director of maintenance and energy management.

Danielle R. Menteer, associate director/instructor, Nancy G. Held Equestrian Center; B.S., 2006, Lake Erie College.

Holly Buege Miller, internal auditor; B.A., 1996, Albion College; C.P.A.

Patricia D. Miller, associate director, dining and hospitality services.

Linda M. Neal, human resources coordinator.

John R. Okerman, facilities supervisor.

Thomas W. Pitt, accounting manager; B.A., 1988, Albion College; M.B.A., 2003, University of Phoenix.

Rhonda Z. Rasmussen, help desk specialist.

Ruth Reese, staff accountant; A.A., 2002, B.B.A., 2006, Baker College.

Gail B. Ribbey, office manager, dining and hospitality services.

Jordan M. Rich, user services supervisor; B.A., 2003, Albion College.

Linda M. Robinson, database support specialist; B.S., 1971, Michigan State University.

Todd M. Shayler, assistant director, dining and hospitality services; B.A., 2002, Albion College; M.A., 2005, Bowling Green State University.

Craig A. Stangland, sales and events manager, dining and hospitality services; B.A., 2009, Albion College.

Scott W. Stephen, associate vice president for information services and chief information officer; B.A., 1970, Butler University; M.Div., 1973, Louisville Presbyterian Seminary.

Todd A. Tekiele, director, dining and hospitality services; B.A., 1990, Michigan State University. 

Michael A. Tymowicz, senior database administrator; B.A., 1969, Southern Illinois University; M.S.W., 1971, University of Illinois.

Laura K. Ward-McDowell, campus services supervisor; B.A., 1992, Albion College.

Jacob B. Weber, systems and networking technician; CompTIA A+, Network+

Rebecca Williams, help desk coordinator.

Kellie D. Williamson, office manager, facilities.

Office of Institutional Advancement

Joshua D. Merchant, vice president for institutional advancement; B.A., 1996, Albion College; M.S., 2003, Michigan State University; Ph.D. candidate, Western Michigan University.

Marie L. Ames, associate director of college events; A.A., 2009, Kellogg Community College.

Mark C. Baczewski, director of alumni engagement; B.S., 1997, Central Michigan University.

Sarah F. Briggs, associate vice president for communications; B.A., 1974, Ohio Wesleyan University.

Anna B. Coulter, director of prospect management and research; B.A., 1988, University of Chicago.

Elizabeth R. Crabb, associate director of annual giving; B.A., 2004, Albion College.

Trajan W. Dubiel, assistant director of annual giving; B.A., 1999, University of Vermont; M.A., 2003, Michigan State University.

Shannon K. Duvall, associate vice president for development; B.A., 1992, Queens College; M.A., 2003, Michigan State University.

Michael T. England, associate director of development; B.A., 1998, Spring Arbor University. 

Robert T. Lee, director of news and sports information; B.S., 1992, Ohio University; M.A., 1994, Ohio State University.

Linda K. Ohmer, executive secretary to the vice president for institutional advancement.

Barbara L. Rafaill, director of corporate and foundation relations; B.A., 1972, Albion College; M.A., 1976, University of Missouri; Ph.D., 1988, Southern Illinois University.

Nicole M. Rhoads, director of Web communications; Bachelor of Web Development, 2005, Baker College.

Stacy L. Rothrock, director of advancement services; B.A., 1981, M.S., 1984, Western Michigan University.

Susan C. Rowe, graphic designer; B.S., 1966, Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology; M.F.A., 1974, Western Michigan University.

David J. Van Wassenhove, senior director of development; B.A., 1971, University of Cincinnati.

Suzanne M. Van Wassenhove, associate vice president for annual giving and alumni engagement; B.A., 1971, University of Cincinnati.

Julia "Jake'' Weber, communications assistant; B.A., 1988, San Jose State University.

Office of Student Affairs

Sally J. Walker, vice president for student affairs and dean of students; B.A., 1973, Southwestern University; M.S.Ed., 1976, Indiana University; Ed.D., 1995, Harvard University Graduate School of Education.

Debra S. Crittenden, administrative assistant to the vice president for student affairs; A.A., 1981, Jackson Community College.

Barry L. Beilfuss, associate director for campus safety.

Johnnie R. Collins, senior associate director for campus safety; B.A., 1979, Olivet College.

Bristol J. Day, residence hall director, B.A., 2007, Kalamazoo College; M.A., Ed., 2010, Michigan State University.

Karen M. Hiatt, assistant director for Kellogg Center.

Tracey L. Howard, assistant dean of program development; B.A., 1991, Marietta College; M.Ed., 1993, Ohio University.

Franklin A. Kelemen, director for counseling services; B.A., 1974, Beloit College; M.S.W., 1978, University of Pennsylvania; Ph.D., 1985, Temple University.

Cheryl A. Krause, associate director for student health services; Diploma in Nursing, 1978, Henry Ford Hospital School; board certified in college health nursing, 2005.

Daniel J. McQuown, college chaplain; B.A., 1992, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; M.Div., 1996, Princeton Theological Seminary.

Aaron L. Phipps, assistant director for campus safety; B.A., 2007, Ferris State University.

Debra A. Pierce, director for student health services; B.S., 1996, University of Michigan; M.S.N., 2004, University of Phoenix.

Christina M. Piotrowski, residence hall director; B.S., 2006, Central Michigan University.

Ben J. Robinson, office manager/housing coordinator.

Jennifer A. Schreer, senior associate director for campus programs and organizations; B.A., 1994, M.A., 1997, Siena Heights College.

Connie L. Smith, assistant dean of students; B.A., 1986, Baldwin-Wallace College; M.A., Ed., 1990, Michigan State University.

Kenneth E. Snyder, assistant dean of community standards and director for campus safety; B.A., 1986, Aquinas College.

Michael W. Wadsworth, director for residential life; B.A., 1993, Oakland University; M.Ed., 1996, Kent State University.

Keena S. Williams, interim assistant director for intercultural affairs; B.A., 2009, Albion College.

Barry L. Wolf, licensed psychologist and learning support specialist; B.A., 1998, University of Michigan; M.A., 2001, Psy.D., 2005, Georgia School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University.

Ryan Woods, assistant director for campus safety.

April L. Yost, residence hall director; B.A., 2007, Albion College.

Staff Emeriti

Bernard T. Lomas, president emeritus; A.B., 1946, Albion College; B.D., 1948, Oberlin Graduate School of Theology; D.D., 1965, Albion College. On staff 1970-1983. Emeritus since 1983.

Melvin L. Vulgamore, president emeritus; B.A., 1957, Ohio Wesleyan University; B.D., 1960, Harvard University; Ph.D., 1963, Boston University.

Peter T. Mitchell, '67, president emeritus; degree info needed

Frank Bonta, dean of admissions, emeritus; A.B., 1949, Albion College; M.A., 1966, Ed.S., 1970, Michigan State University; LL.D., Albion College, 1982. On staff 1951-1995. Emeritus since 1995.

Gladstone L. Brown, dean of chapel; A.B., 1939, Mount Union College; M. Div., 1945, Oberlin College Graduate School of Theology; Ph.D., 1958, Drew University Graduate School. On staff 1975-1983. Emeritus since 1983.

Katharine L. Padgett, director of career planning and placement, emerita; B.S., 1950, Juniata College; M.A., 1970, Ph.D., 1978, University of Michigan. On staff 1975-1991. Emerita since 1991.