Ethnic Studies Major Electives

The following courses may be used to fulfill the elective component in the ethnic studies major.

Anthropology and Sociology
345 Race and Ethnicity
Art History
312 Race and Its Representation in American Art
Economics and Management
322 Issues in Modern Political Economy
354 Labor Economics
211 Latina/o Literature
329 Poetry by Women of Color
360 The Problem of Race in American Literature
Ethnic Studies
ETHN 260 Caribbean Identity and Migration
330 French Louisiana
243 African American History, 1865 to the Present
270 Going North: Latin American Immigration and U.S. History
289 African Identities
390 History of Women in the United States, 1877-Present
385 British India
398 The 1960s
Modern Languages and Cultures
107 "Our Americas": Crossing Borders, Histories, and Cultures
362 Hispanic Literature and Cultures in the U.S.
Communication Studies
313 Intercultural Communication
372 Postmodernism and Theatre