Interdisciplinary Major in Integrated Science with Elementary Certification

Requirements for Major

  • Nine units including: Biology 195, 210; Chemistry 121, 123; Geology 103, 115; Physics 105, 115, 116.
  • All courses for the major must be taken for a numerical grade.
  • Completion of all other requirements for teacher certification.

Requirements for Minor

  • Please note that the courses for the major can be counted toward the minor in the respective field.

Biology—Biology 195, 210 (from major), 215 or 216; 225, 227, or 314; one additional unit in biology (200-level or above) selected with departmental approval; Chemistry 121 (from major).

Chemistry—Chemistry 121, 123 (from major); 206, 211, 301 (with prerequisite of Mathematics 141 or equivalent) or 337.

Geology—Geology 103, 115 (from major); 101, two units (200-level or above) selected with departmental approval.

Physics—Physics 105, 115, 116 (from major); 102 or 245; 205; Geology 101.

Requirements for Elementary Certification

Students seeking elementary certification with a major in integrated science are required to consult with the Education Department and meet admission requirements to the Education Program. Certification in elementary education requires 14 units of additional course work and necessitates a ninth semester for student teaching. Students completing an integrated science major fulfill the certification requirement for a science course with a laboratory as part of the requirements for the major.

  • Complete a planned program including:
    English 203, 348
    Mathematics 104
    Psychology 251
    Education 201, 202, 259, 371, 372; two units (one of which must be in your minor) from 374, 375, 376, 377; 396, 421, 431

Departments and Courses

Departmental Information

All of the departmental information contained in this section of the Academic Catalog was accurate as of May 1, 2009. Any departmental changes made after that date will not be reflected here. Information on changes may be obtained from the respective department or from the Registrar's Office in the Ferguson Student, Technology, and Administrative Services Building.

Course Numbering System

The following lists include all courses normally offered at Albion College. However, not all courses are offered every year. When possible, courses offered in alternate years are designated. For details, students should consult the Class Schedule for each semester, available online at: The College reserves the right to add or withdraw courses without prior announcement, as conditions may require.

Unless otherwise stated, 100 level courses are intended for freshmen, 200 level for sophomores, 300 and 400 level for juniors and seniors.

A list of courses which meet the core and category requirements, organized by departments, is available online at

Further information may be obtained at the Registrar's Office in the Ferguson Student, Technology, and Administrative Services Building.

Anthropology and Sociology
Art and Art History
Communication Studies
Computer Science
Economics and Management
Ethnic Studies
Geological Sciences
International Studies
Library Services
Modern Languages and Cultures
Physical Education
Political Science
Religious Studies
Theatre and Dance
Women's and Gender Studies
Liberal Arts Core Courses
Interdisciplinary Courses
Honors Institute Courses
Interdepartmental Majors

Refund Policy During the Semester

If a student withdraws or is suspended or expelled from Albion College during a semester, then the student may be eligible for a refund of a portion of the tuition, fees, room and board paid to Albion College for that semester. If the student received financial assistance from outside of the family, then a portion of the refund will be returned to the grant, scholarship or loan source from which that assistance was received.

If a student plans to withdraw, then the student should complete the Mid-Semester Withdrawal Notification Form, available from the Student Affairs Office, to begin the withdrawal process. This procedure will enable Albion College to refund the maximum possible institutional charges.

Two formulas exist for determining the amount of the credit: Albion's refund policy and a federal formula (Return of Title IV Aid) derived from the 1998 reauthorization of the Higher Education Act. The federal formula is applicable to any student receiving federal aid other than Federal Work-Study if that student withdraws on or before completing 60 percent of the semester. These students may also receive a refund of non-federal aid through Albion's refund policy. Students not receiving federal aid will have their refund calculated using only Albion's refund policy.

Albion's refund policy is as follows: Students who withdraw from Albion College may receive a pro-rated refund of tuition and board fees, according to the following schedule:


Institutional Refund


Institutional Refund

1 75% tuition/pb* 7-14 Pro-rated board
2-6 40% tuition/pb* 15-16 No refund

*Pb=pro-rated board fees

The federal formula provides for a return of Title IV aid if the student received federal financial assistance in the form of a Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Perkins Loan, Federal Family Educational Loan Program or PLUS loan and withdrew on or before completing 60 percent of the semester. The percentage of the return is equal to the number of calendar days remaining in the semester divided by the total number of calendar days in the semester. Scheduled vacation periods of more than four days are excluded.

If any refund remains after the return of Title IV aid, the refund will be used to repay Albion College funds, state funds, other private sources and the student in proportion to the amount received from each non-federal source if there was no unpaid balance due at the time of withdrawal. If there was an unpaid balance, then all aid sources will be repaid before any money is paid to the student.

If funds were released to a student because of a credit balance on the student's account, then the student may be required to repay some of the federal grants or loans released to the student.

Students who have questions about the refund policy should contact the Financial Aid Office.


Liberal Arts Core Courses

For further information about these courses, refer to the core requirement section in this catalog under Academic Programs. Specific course descriptions of Liberal Arts 101 seminars are available from the respective academic departments in which they are offered.

LA 101 First-Year Seminar (1)
An examination of interdisciplinary topics not normally included in the regular curriculum. Classes emphasize discussion along with opportunities for individualized student research projects and the development of strong communication skills. Open only to first-year students.

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