Career Opportunities

Majors in physics are prepared to do graduate work in many areas of engineering and physical science, leading to careers in teaching and re-search at the college level or research in industrial or government laboratories. Because of the strong science background acquired by majors, they
have good possibilities for entering medical school or dental school. Direct employment opportunities are also available in industry, government and in secondary school teaching.

Special Features

Opportunities are available for off-campus study during the school year, particularly participation in the Great Lakes Colleges Association's Oak Ridge Science Semester conducted at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. The curriculum in physics can be adjusted to accommodate participation in other off-campus study programs as well. An active Society of Physics Students chapter sponsors seminars, field trips, tutoring and social events from a clubroom. A prize established by Nobel Laureate E.T.S. Walton is given annually to the outstanding senior physics major, and the Physics Faculty and Alumni Scholarship is given annually to an entering student.